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BIN testing help


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Someone asked me to playtest a BIN file which I thought would be no problem since I have a few 8MBit Atarimax carts laying around.


Unfort Ive had no luck being able to run this BIN (cart) on my original Ataris and wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on how I can do this.


Ive tried the Atarimax Studio to "Convert Bin-Atr" to generate a file to load the cart, but the software is generating an error trying to create a 1mbit or 8mbit image.


I have a SIO2PC cable but I dont think that would help me here.


I cant post the BIN or share but if someone has some ideas I could try I would appreciate it.

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I'd suggest checking the file size and then test the .BIN in an Atari800Win Plus or Altirra.


If the image is for a standard 8K ROM it will be exactly 8192 bytes in size. You just start a composition in Maxflash Cartridge Studio and insert the image.


If the image is already a raw image for one the Atarimax flashcarts then it will be exactly 131072 bytes in size for the 1 mbit flashcart or exactly 1048576 for the 8 mbit flashcart.


If it's another type of cartridge image then you can't use one of the Atarimax flashcarts. Other ROM types aren't supported by these cartridges.




oops, Mclaneinc already offered my second suggestion. Sorry, I type too slowly :)

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hmmm it should already be an atarimax image then... but I have used the java based cartridge imager floating around here posted years ago to convert from one cart type banking scheme to another and stitch them together as well.... someone dig it up or at least remember the name of it for me please!

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this might work but it's not what I was talkin bout



this is also of use...




play with each and see if you can use them all to achieve your goal.... then post up what you did etc..


I used thecarstudio a good deal at one time and gave it a thumbs up here on atari age..

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Ok I found the problem of creating an ATR - this is the first time Ive run this on Windows 10 and it appears I have to start the Maxflash Studio as "Administrator" in order to create the atr. Doesnt make sense why I need elevated privs to do this but making that 1 change allowed me to create the atr from the bin.


Thanks for all the suggestions!

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