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HSC01: Final Standings


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The final round of this season's Astrocade High Score Club ended yesterday (February 6, 2017). Thank you to everyone who participated in the first season!

It took me a little while to figure-out the final tally, but I've managed it (with a few caveats for possible duplicate names, see the next paragraph). Next season, I'm going to try to keep a running total through-out the season. That will make it easier to handle the final totals, and will also provide the side benefit that participants will be able to see where they stand throughout the season. Jason ("therealbountybob"), the AtariAge member who is in charge of the Atari 8-Bit High Score Club, sent me two Excel spreadsheets that I may try to use for Season 2 of the Astrocade HSC. They'll take a little while to get setup properly, but then all (or most) of the calculations will be done (more or less) automatically.

I think that a few of these names in this final high score table may be duplicates. For instance, I'm pretty sure that "bwbauer" and Benjamin Bauer are the same person, which means that these two scores need to be combined. Please alert me if you have two scores included in this Astrocade High Score Club, Season 1, final standings list:

Astrocade High Score Club, Season 1 - Final Table

1 - BallyAlley - 132 + 0 = 132
2 - ranger_lennier - 117 + 0 = 117
3 - nd2003grad - 67 + 38 = 105 !
4 - Chris++ - 67 + 0 = 67
5 - roadrunner - 41 + 19 = 60 !
6 - darthkur - 31 + 0 = 31
7 - Brian Ciesicki - 15 + 0 = 15 (Tie for 7th place)
7 - Lance Squire - 15 + 0 = 15 (Tie for 7th place)
8 - Benjamin Bauer - 10 + 0 = 10
9 - glazball - 12 + 0 = 12
10 - billnewsome - 9 + 0 = 9
11 - bwbauer - 7 + 0 = 7
12 - Orion Miller - 6 + 0 = 6
13 - jblenkle - 3 + 0 = 3 (Tie for 13th place)
13 - tripletopper - 3 + 0 = 3 (Tie for 13th place)

! - Received bonus points from round 14 (the "catch-up" round).

I came in first place, but that's only because I played every round and every bonus game. Congratulations to ranger_lennier, who came in second place and played nearly every game as well! It has been a pleasure challenging (and being challenged by) all of you fine folks!

My favorite main game this round, which was a surprise to me, was Cosmic Raiders. This game displaces The Incredible Wizard on my Astrocade go-to list. I've continued to play Cosmic Raiders since Round 3 ended in March of 2016. My favorite bonus games were The Pits (a fast-action game that is surprisingly addictive) and Outpost 19 (a rather deep "AstroBASIC" game that I actually took the time to map). By far, my least favorite main game this round was Blast Droids. That game could have been so much better if more time had been given to it by the programmer to play test it. My least favorite bonus game is probably a toss-up between Brick 'N The Wall (a too-slow Breakout-style game) or Exitor's Revenge (which looks fantastic for a BASIC game, but the gameplay doesn't hold up).


What were some favorite (and/or least favorite) games of other participants from this round?

Season 2, Round 1 of the Astrocade HSC officially starts when I post the round (probably tomorrow). If you're interested in getting an earlier start, then you're welcome to begin playing the main game, Solar Conqueror (a cartridge by Astrocade, Inc) and the BASIC bonus, Space Gauntlet, by The Tiny Arcade.

It's been a fun season, but I wish more people could play these games. I may concentrate on writing a how-to that anyone can use to setup Astrocade emulation. Maybe this will encourage more players to join and (at least) play the main games each round.


Since there were such a small number of people who played this season, I may change the way the rounds are scored. Currently, scores are based on the top player receiving 10 points (plus any bonuses that are earned). However, in some rounds only two people participated, which sort of throws off the scoring system if you miss a couple of rounds. I may give some thought to the maximum points remaining 10, but with the addition that no more points can be awarded than the number of players in a round. This means that if only two people play in a round, then the top player would only get two points. Then again, since I consider this high score club merely an excuse to play these games, I may just leave the scoring system the same. What you you think?



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