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Making wireless Intellivision controllers


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After I complete my Atari Paddle project, I am shooting for a Bluetooth Intv Controller for my next project. It won't be for real consoles, but will work for emulators on PCs and Linux (RetroPie).


It will be a project that I will be starting research on this spring and so I can't speculate on a completion date.


What these guys did in that video is interesting. It should be doable, too, but the controller port on the Inty console does not have a power pin so there needs to be a separate power supply to be added for the receiver on the console's controller ports.

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Funny, I started buying parts for a teach-myself-stuff-I-should-know project whose long-term goal was almost exactly like this (though Intellivision-only). That was a long, long time ago (10+ years?)... This kind of thing would be a great project to explore. The first hurdle for me was learning about and then deciding the data communication mechanism... IR, RF, BT, TCP/UDP. Looks like they chose RF. Wonder how long the batteries last.

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Maybe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth_low_energy


Some potential candidates:




I think the hardest part would be cramming a battery in there. Now what would be REALLY cool would be if you 3D-printed a special back case that allowed for a removable cell phone battery and inductive charging (like I have on my Pam Pre).

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As a Bluetooth guy, though my Bluetooth LE knowledge is limited, I would have concerns whether Bluetooth LE would work for joysticks because of the latency. Classic Bluetooth can be low-latency for a joystick (and has proven to work fine), but my initial research on Bluetooth LE makes it look like it would be on the edge of being acceptable for gamers.

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