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FOUND a near-perfect Channel F box protector!


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After a lot of research (and the fundamental help from Dan from retroprotection.com) i´ve found what seems to be the best box protector that fits Channel F carts. They are sturdy, one-pieced (is that a word? :) ) and are a *perfect* fit in two dimensions (width and depth), and a near-perfect fit for heigh, probably half an inch taller.


It is called a "Japanese gamecube double disc protector". And you can even buy 1, 5, 10 or 25 packs.




Here´s how it looks with a Channel F cart inside:





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Nice, you oughtta got a small sum for your referral, as I'll be buying around 30 of these :)


26 for each Videocart

1 for the SABA Chess

2 for the two Democarts

1 for the multicart

1 for the pending Pac Man homebrew

more for any future homebrews

More for spares

More for extra copies I have

more if I decide to go for a whitebox set

more if I decide to go after the foreign releases

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