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RetroArch and NeoGeo ...what the?


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I know there are subjects in various reddits and in google about this on various platforms. I can't find a solution. I just put Retroarch on my Windows PC.

So far the various Nintendo systems I've thrown at it work.

Neo-Geo does not.


I have installed the FBA core. I have put the neogeo.zip (bios) both in the game folder itself and also in /cores to be certain.


I go in, do load content, go to the ROMS area, bstars.zip (tried many games). Then a browse archive or Load Archive option pops up, and I click Load Archive. Askes me to pick a core, I use FBA 2012 Neo Geo).


Flickers, dumps back to 'No Items' and says 'Failed to Load Content' in yellow.


What's the deal?


I know the ROM set and the BIOS is valid, runs in the same identical core in stand alone FBA.


Also as a side, where can I set individual control settings by emulator? I know you have to (and have) toggled delinking using a shared button setup. Most my stuff is fine, but I do use N64 which is a differing type of controller that needs a remap. Thanks.


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Have you configured the games to pick FBA as the default emulator? I like to have RetroArch scan for media and let it choose compatible games, then pick them from the emulator's menu.


Yes you can have different controls per emulator.

I tried it manually and using the scan feature. It's just like they're not even there. Except one, the CD to MVS conversion by razoola of Crossed Swords 2, that one crashed the entire program back to windows without even a note why.

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