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Pro-Line Joystick - Tape Inside?


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So, even though I know the official controller is probably the worst way to play the 7800, I just had to have one.


I picked one up today at the local flea market, took up home, and fired up Asteroids.... And could only turn to the right. None of the other directions worked at all. I could shoot and hyperwarp around the screen just fine though.


I decided to take the controller apart and try to clean it. In side, I found a lot of scotch tape?


What gives?

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Scotch tape? Sounds like the controller had issues in the past and a previous owner tried to tape the dome switches back down.

Switches were originally secured to the board(s) in both the CX40 and ProLine joysticks with a layer of what I guess is something similar to packing tape.

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