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Submarine Chase!


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One of my graphics for a game called Submarine Chase :













The origanal game is an Atari game called Seaqest.It is cool.You are a submarine,and you pick up scuba divers.Submarine Chase is sort of like that.You pick up fish and crabs for bait for poor fishermen.





Lv 1





Set the difficulty to rookie.Swim through the ocean as you drive around catching sardines.Every now and then,you'll fight a few hammerhead sharks.





Lv 2





Set the difficulty to intermediate.Force your way through the currents as you fight lionfish and cookiecutter sharks.Go around catching decorater

crabs.These are hard to see,so keep a look a look out.




Lv 3



Set the difficulty to master.Speed around in coral reefs catching dolphins and porpoises,fighting Great Whites.Yikes.








Whatever happens,good luck!

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