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Memoirs of a Novelty Account - Imperial Reorganization


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As you may know, my blog Memoirs of a Novelty Account has not seen an entry for almost a month, and I apologize. Posting twice a week was difficult, even on winter break, but now that I'm back in college, schoolwork has caught up to me. However, I do wish to remain active on this site, so I am restarting Memoirs and will post an entry every Monday as long as I am able. This new series with its reorganized schedule shall be known as "Imperial Mondays".

Again, all photographs on this blog were taken by me unless otherwise noted.
The "Imperial Mondays" banner is a compilation of images from the Wikimedia Commons.

Let's move on to the topic of the day. As I write this, I am sitting in CS 270: System Software. I really should be paying attention.
Lately I have been designing a new programming language, which is sort of a cross between BASIC and FORTRAN. I won't share its name or logo here, as I have not trademarked them yet. Building a programming language is an integral part of the computer science curriculum. The next step is designing an interpreter for it, then a compiler. Ultimately we will be working with operating system kernels and lower-level, nitty-gritty crap. I plan on pursuing a career in this low-level area, because believe it or not, it has become my favorite part of computer science. Go figure.

I hope this new series will do well. Not posting as often should give me a chance to bring more robust content to the table.
Here's to "Memoirs of a Novelty Account, vol. II: Imperial Mondays".

Featured photograph: Impressive female wolf spider I found in the autumn of 2015.

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