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Complete the 71 commercial games


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When I was young, it was very difficulte for me to finish the Lynx games.
So some time ago with the help of Mednafen emulaor I started a series of videos about the end of Lynx games.
What happens when you kill the last boss?
What happens when you finish all levels?
What happens when you make the maximum score?

Today I have the answer to all these questions, I finished the 71 commercial games of the Lynx.

So if you're wondering,
How much level at Robotron 2084?
What the prestoric men doe at the end of Dinolympic ?
How many missions in Steel Talon ?

The answers are here:


Do not ask more about Mrs Pac-Man and Super Asteroid/Missile Command. I do not like these games !
Mrs Pac-Man is again and again the same labyrhinte until you die and for SAMC it is the same, again and again the same levels, without any inovation in level design or in the enemies.

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