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Deals and Steals for Odyssey 2 / Videopac / Jopac / etc..


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Everyone please use this topic to post good deals you may find on Ebay, various websites, and other forums that other members might want to buy. This will be a great help to those still trying to complete the various original releases from our favorite systems.


Note: if you read a post and purchase the deal please be kind, and reply quoting the original post for the deal stating you purchased the item so others don't try to get it after you.


I will also update this first post with websites that we have found to have regular inventory of the games for our systems with pictures showing the actual condition of what is for sale:

Console5.com - Accurate descriptions, great photos, and usually priced fairly.






Let me know if you know of or find any other websites we should add to this list.


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Demon Attack - Cartridge only - label is a little rough but it is listed as $30 free shipping or best offer. Great buy for someone only trying to collect all the carts and not a CIB set.



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If anybody is looking for a Demon Attack there is one in this lot that appears to be complete. You can always resell the console and other stuff to make this a cheap find depending on what it finishes at. I have done this several times and usually I make most or in many cases all the money I spent back.



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Found this eBay listing this morning:


25 USD (or best offer) for an untested Odyssey 2. While on eBay I find 'untested' usually means 'tried it, and it did not work' for 25$ it still might be a bargain for someone?

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Ebay Listings:



Magnavox Odyssey 2 Launch Edition Gray Console AND 8 GAME CARTRIDGES


Magnavox Odyssey 2 Microprocessor Console System w/ Joy Sticks & 10 Games



Magnavox Odyssey 2 the Voice w/2 Games,2 Controllers Odyssey 200 & Odyssey 500


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