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Wer'e about to order our first Arduino kit. We will hook it up to the TI-99.




Be careful about ordering.People have made clones of Arduino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BE CAREFUL!





Be careful about the Arduino.Even if you order a clone,I hear that clones work better then genuine.




Good luck!

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Hey, Buck... Arduino is Open Source hardware, so clones are expected!! Encouraged, even. Open Source means that the designs and such are available to everyone, so you can even make your own Arduino with a breadboard!!!


But you are right... There are probably some crappy, poorly-made knock-offs out there. :)

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The main part of the kit came in today. We got two Arduinos, an UNO and a MEGA. Also came with all the extras we will need starting out--and many we will likely never need.


Going to get started tonight... The boy is overjoyed at the moment.






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