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"The Minstrel’s Legend” An Intellivision RPG?


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maybe one day we might have an IntellivisionAge game, a self celebrative platform with plenty of unique characters to choose from a la Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling


This is an amazingly great Idea,put all of us in the game! :)


Maybe even racing,bowling or baseball. :thumbsup:

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Rumor has it that Intv Prime is considering allowing some people to "donate early" to the game, to get into the game.


There are a few places for see NPCs, so instead of filling them with generically represented characters, they would be represented by people that pay to be stamped in the game. Since the release will be charityware with no profits made, Intv Prime is looking at ways to defray some of the overhead with production costs by letting a few people be "immortalized" in a cartridge. For example, instead of buying equipment from "The Merchant", wouldn't it be cool to buy equipment from "The Merchant Cee Marto"? :)


Who should we send PMs to?

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I would think "thicket" would be the perfect word! Otherwise likely have to use more descriptors like "dense brush" or something similar. Words like copse, coppice, etc. really don't do it justice and usually more associated with trees. In my world, of course, and am not an English major.

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