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TI-99/4A Stuff - Getting back into the TI-99/4A easily & quickly!


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The 'classic' TI-99/4A computer has been getting much more popular the past couple of years. The TI community is quite literally exploding with new users, hardware and software. Now has never been a better time to join the community or to 'come back home' from a long absence.

In the past there were a few limitations that held some people back from taking the plunge of getting in, or returning to the TI-99/4A. Some of those limitations were:

1 Limited space for huge legacy peripherals.
2 Limited incomes to purchase the bulky legacy equipment.
3 Ways to easily get FREE software over to the TI from the Internet.

All three of those limitations have now been TOTALLY ELIMINATED.

This blog entry shows one popular configuration that is bringing people back into the TI world with a limited investment and hassle... will you be another one?


First – Obtaining a console is easy << CLICKING HERE >> will take you directly to Ebay where you can pick and choose from an assortment of readily available consoles. Prices greatly vary, so choose wisely.


Second – << CLICKING HERE >> will connect you with a source for an inexpensive sidecar 32K memory expansion interface.

Third << CLICKING HERE >> will connect you with a source for a FlashROM 99 that gives one access to HUNDREDS of free programs and games!

If you want some really cool cases to enclose both your FlashROM 99 and sidecar 32K device
<< CLICK HERE >> and << HERE >>.

If you are asking, ”WHERE do I get all the FREEBIE programs to use on my new system”,
<< CLICK HERE >> and download them ALL! When your system arrives, just slide up to
171 of them (at one time) onto an SD card, plug it into the FlashROM 99 and you are good to go!

Welcome to the TI world! :)

If you want more detailed information on all the individual items mentioned, click on the links below.


The Amazing FlashROM 99 Cartridge
3D Printed Case for the FlashROM 99

32K Memory Expansion Stuff

Plug-N-Play 32K Memory Expansion
Case for 32K Memory Expansion

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :thumbsup:

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