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Hi good afternoon.
Where can I get the two files from?
Thank you.



Here is Jeff Reister's PD Runtime package for the Action! 8 bit language.
To use it in the simplest form, simply add to the beginning of your Action! program the line
and compile as normal. If the compile is successful, the resulting file can be run as a binary file (No Action! cartridge necessary).
Additional programs not included here because they are binaries:
RTSCAN.COM - run against your source file to produce a listing
showing which RUNTIME.ACT routines are actually required
by your program. Allows you to trim out unneeded
routines to save symbol table space, etc.
RTWRITE.COM - If you send the output from RTSCAN.COM to a disk file,
you can then run RTWRITE on that file -- it in turn
outputs the trimmed down version of RUNTIME.ACT for you.
These should be available from any respectable Atari club library.
Of course, you don't need them for most programs, just include the full
RUNTIME.ACT and don't get fancy.
The whole works is on the computer services
GEnie, Delphi, Compuserve.
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