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Performance Vs. Appearance (or, the importance of a nice label)


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So, a question: I recently acquired a new copy of H.E.R.O. for my 2600 since the label is in much better condition than my current cart. While it works, it has some artifacing in it that isn't present in my ugly copy. I've cleaned it, but it hasn't changed the quality of the image. I definitely don't need 2 copies, so I've a choice to make: Do I keep my ugly copy which works wonderfully, or the pretty one that only works OK? Swapping cart shells really isn't an option, I don't think the label on my ugly copy could survive the process.

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Interesting that there's a difference in picture quality between the two carts. Using the same VCS, right? Must be a slight shielding variation, cold solder on the shield or bypass cap inside the cart going bad?


Either way, I'd give away the cart that produces a better pic. You can always use your Harmony to play the game and have something nice to look at on the shelf. :)

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The game carts side-by-side (the end label is where the real difference is, although the wear on the front art is more pronounced in real life):


IMG 0011

IMG 0012


The ugly copy being played:

IMG 0015

And the pretty one- much worse picture:

IMG 0016

I don't often run into this kind of thing, bizzarely enough, so I don't know how likely it is I can clean the pretty one until it plays like the ugly one. Or if it'll ever look that good.


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I don't want to derail this thread, but a quick question:

I have a Double Dragon (2600) cart, and its the only game I have that gets BAD screen interference when I play it. Sometimes if I squeeze the cart's front and back between thumb and finger it clears the image (until I let go) or it will usually slowly get better while I play, but never go away completely. I always wondered why that was, and assumed it was damage done to the inside. Now here's a case where able to compare to a known-good-unit.

Basically; is this fixable or just as well to replace?

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I'd do a shell swap if I could. Or couldn't you remove the labels and just swap them? It's a hassle, but doable.

Failing that, keep the one that works better, sell off the nicer-looking one, and keep an eye out for another label upgrade. Contrary to what eBay sellers would have you believe, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Fewer than there used to be, but still enough.

I tend to be, shall we say, fastidious about label condition because I display my carts. :)

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