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Removing Lynx II shield


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Hey Folks,


I'm trying to fix a no-sound problem (which could be a thread to itself!), what I'm finding is that the circuit diagrams I've seen haven't matched what I'm looking at and I need to remove the RF shield to trace the issue.


How do you remove the RF shield, is it just soldered in... or are the tabs inserted, twisted and then soldered? Any help is very much appreciated.



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Yes, they are inserted, twisted and soldered on the corners. I use flux and solder wick to desolder it. For the audio, I've fixed several just reflow in solder on the chips.


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Thanks very much, i stocked up on desolder things today, I'll post an update when I get around to it.

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Just to round off this thread:


I desoldered where I could but under the cartridge slot was too tricky to get to, so I just bent the shield and snapped that side at the legs. For the moment I've left the shield off, think it is just to pass regulations and I haven't noticed any ill effects.

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