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Case Mods


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Has anyone done any case mods for consoles yet?


I'm talking kinda like a Ben Heck thing - making a console smaller, portable, adding a built in screen etc?


Has anyone even made a nice looking raspberry pi emulation console yet from online plans or maybe designed their own 3d printed parts etc?


I am working on an aluminium case for a Famicom at the moment. I have built a prototype and the concept works. I'm going to make a new one when work allows it and fix some of the errors in the first build. A friend of mine will be getting the prototype case for a famicom of his. Waste not want not!







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I used to be mr case mod for pc's (my next gaming pc is going to be modded out ill tell you that!) , it still creeps in here and there for consoles


my take on a nintoaster





years before that I made a oak n aluminum 2600 Jr, unfortunately all I have left as images go is the top plate




(yes i know it says start, I had to sand off all the laser engraving and redo it all, which sucked)


more recently I made my own coleco chameleon, which the following images are not up to date, I made a new hacked up 128 gig SNES cart cause that one sucks ass




that's a pi 3 with a MSATA drive in the cart and all the ports broken out to respectable places in the jag shell







its totally finished now aside from decal's, I went to price some professionally printed vinyl out, and found it's more or less by the sheet, so I had to scurry up graphics scaled to my next project, which is a Icade done up like a mini bar top frogger machine with a x86 mini laptop shoved in it (cause I can, and did buy a 1.8ghz dual core laptop with screen and 2 gigs of ram for 10$ cheaper than a pi3 before postage, and the 25$ laptop had free postage)

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I've done a few game system mods such as my TRON themed Flashback 2 (http://mods.xkill.net/gallery/TRON_2600/index.html), my TRON themed Wii (http://mods.xkill.net/gallery/TRON_Wii/index.html), and arguably my TRON themed iCade (http://mods.xkill.net/gallery/TRON_iCade/index.html).


Here's a few quick pics. More at the links above.







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