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FT Assortment of Games for PS2 Games


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Cross posted on NA:


Welcome AA folks! Here's what I would like to do. I am currently over 1500 PS2 games and closing in on the set...most of what I need is thankfully commons but I do have around 100 games I want to aquire sooner than later that are higher priced or I just missed over the years. I normally trade or buy at shows but want to add these games. Rather than pay cash I am going to try to trade up and cull some of my doubles / not wanted games to aquire these PS2 games.

A few points:

1. I am looking for CIB games that are in fairly good shape. No water damage, torn manuals or case art, or heavily / mild scratched discs please. The discs don't have to be perfect but the nicer the better please.
2. Non- smoking home or at the most a game that doesn't reak of smoke / food .....bad experiences from EBAY here
3. I am not looking to ship out of the United States UNLESS you have high feedback or can show me the deal is worth it.
4. Not interested in taking a big loss on a trade...aka 300.00 in NES games for 100.00 in PS2 games. I have the cash to buy these and will if needed.
5. I have a full time career so if I don't reply right away don't worry. I will get back to everyone in the order of PM's.

Hopefully we can work out some good deals. If I decine the deal, don't take it personally.....still not sure I want to make a trade unless its mutally good. Lastly, I am a 25 year collector so I know the values and marketplace...this should make this easier for each of us as I am willing to make the deal work. I will update a list ASAP as this is hard to zoom in and see. No hidden grails but some good stuff.











Blood Will Tell



Clock Tower 3

Dog’s Life

Disaster Report

Draken The Ancient Gate

Dr. Muto

Duke’s of Hazzard

Echo Night Beyond

Falling Stars

Fire Pro Wrestling


Guy Game

Kim Possible


Obscure The Aftermath

Predator Concrete Jungle

RAW Danger

Red Star

Ring of Red

Rule of Rose

Steamboat Chronicles

Under The Skin

War of the Monsters

Warship Gunner 2

Way of the Samurai 1 + 2

Lastly I also have a few non-game related to trade including some toys StarWars 80's, Heman 80's, Light upbar signs / Memoribilla and more. I know this isn't yard sale time but if that makes a trade that's good! Thanks!

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