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Atari Flashback 4 Issue?


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Forward: Please don't bark at me putting this in the modern gaming section. I know that this is Atari, but the device is newer, which is why I put it here....


Has anyone else had an issue where their Flashback (mine is the fourth one) doesn't seem to work at all with AV Switch boxes? But when plugged directly into their CRT, works just fine?


Seriously, every console I own works just fine with my AV Switch boxes but this. I don't get sound or video, or any indication it's really even communicating with the television.


Is this defective somehow, or is it just built this way?


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OP did mention AV and not RF.


The only thing I can come up with is perhaps your Flashback 4 signal is not as stong as the other consoles? Perhaps the extra lead and switch box too much resistance to pick up the Flashback 4 signal? Is the switch box automatic or manual; if powered might be the issue.

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I'm not complaining and see nothing wrong with you posting this here, but you might be interested to know that we have an active Atari Flashback forum here that's dedicated to these devices.




I was thinking the same, OP would get more eyes in the dedicated machines forum.

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