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Reproduction Activision patches?


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Does anyone sell them? Seems like they'd be easy enough to fake with the embroidery machines out there. It would be neat to have a whole set ...unless there's a secret supply of them out there?


I suppose I should check eBay. ;-)


Around 2006, several stashes were uncovered and these trickled, and then ultimately flooded, onto eBay. I would say that about 90% of all the patches appeared on eBay, in varying quantities, but sufficient that the value declined on many of them (some of rebounded a bit, but basically there are enough in existence that the values and rarities haven't gone back up). Of course, given that not all were uncovered in the stashes, and that some were still in short supply, getting a complete set will be challenging, most specifically if going for the 55th half-moon Atari 2600 Beamrider patch.


A 54 patch set was listed on Craiglist and eBay for $2,350, but no one went for it.

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