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PBS/Enterprise documentary on Imagic - "All in the Game"


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This 1983 documentary is centred around Imagic's Atlantis game for Atari but there's lots of good stuff in it. My favourite part is when the Imagic programmers are talking about their first impressions of the Intellivoice (about the 4m mark). There's some insight in the European market. And signs of market trouble as early as summer 1982 when Imagic failed to get their games into Kmart. I remember looking forward to Imagic games but had a hard time finding theme in the stores.


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I'm very familiar with "All In The Game", and I agree that it's a great documentary. It's gotten a lot of discussion here on AtariAge, too; see this thread and this thread for starters. In the second thread, you'll even see some comments from the director, who was kind enough to visit AtariAge and share some interesting information about the production. I only wish there had been more like it; it's a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the period leading up to the video game crash.

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