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2 Tandy 102 , 1 one of them is a bit strange

Stormtrooper of Death

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Hi, since a couple of years I have 2 Tandy 102 computers.


Yesterday I compared them and discovered, they werent identical


The free memory is not the standard, because i have some small BASIC programs inside their memory


Tandy 102 (1) - has this written on its BASIC start screen


Tandy 102 Software

Copr. 1983 Microsoft

29323 Bytes free



Tandy 102 (2) - has another message written on its BASIC start screen


TRS-80 Model 100 Software

Copr. 1983 Microsoft

17454 Bytes free




Tandy 102 (1) is German as on the bottom is written

Serial = 709400346

Funkenstört nach DBP Vfg. 1046/1984 (is that just year 1984 ?)



Tandy 102 (2) has this written on the bottom:

Manufactored 1988.9

Serial = 809004255



Looking at the option rom sockets they both have strange roms

Tandy 102 (1) has these chips from left to right


- Japan 8724



- NFC 8530A3016


- and the last chip is a standard chip with pins in some kind of transform socket (that has holes for the pins)


Tandy 102(2) has these chips from left to right


- Japan MB8464-15L

8829 T99

- Serial no.


Part no. MOD102



SEND 2 V1.7

© 1991




i discovered that Tandy 102(2) has a special rom (is it option rom ?) that contains special software made by MIKOHN to diagnose and program fruitmachines in casinos.



So, my question is, does anybody know what strange difrences between my 2 Tandy 102 computers mean ?


I ask this, because I also wonder if the amazing REX upgrade can work in my Tandy 102 computers ? (oh, they both have the modem installed)


Thanks in advance, Richard Vermeulen.

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Hi Richard,


I see today your post and I look also for infos about my Tandy 102 computer.

My model seems to be the same as your model 1 and I have tested the new REX#.

Rex# module work prety fine but it seems that TS-DOS (delivered with the module) is not

fully compatible with this machine.

In fact, when I activate the resident portion of TS-DOS in ram, I can crash the computer when 

I try to save a text file with the TEXT editor on my external TPDD drive.

Apparently, the main rom from microsoft is a modified version for this model.

At this time I don't know more but I suspect that modifications where made for the european market.

My opinion is that your second machine was a equiped with the normal rom version (US market) and

probably fully compatible with the REX# module and TS-DOS.


Best regards,


Jean - Pierre

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