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They don't make them like this anymore...

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So I bought Shantae Half Genie Hero yesterday at Lamestop (only place locally that had it) for all of $32 dollars including tax. It was one of the best game purchase values of my life as far as the packaging/price/contents/game quality mix goes.


It came with no less than:




-Game in case


-Thick full color Manual


-Accompanying soundtrack CD



If all games still came packaged like this i'd still be buying new consoles and games.


The kicker is, I inserted the game and it fired right up, no hour long updates or servers to log into. Fun game too.


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You're right, they don't do it much.


This will give you a smile.




They delayed it a week or two to add a full 20 page manual in there, cut to the dimensions of an NES manual. They also made the headers, the text, the font, coloring, and even the sketched images with watercolor like usage on it as you'd see like in the Zelda booklets is all there. That's some attention to detail, and yet again another small company that usually does digital stepping up their game since the big fish would rather save a buck.

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