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Magnavox and Phillips Game Variants


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As I was cataloging my complete O2 game collection I began to wonder about the two different variations for most earlier O2 games. There are Magnavox and NAP branded variants of the exact same game.


Does anybody know why this was done. I assumed the NAP ones were reissues as the later console boxes had the Magnavox brand removed but does anybody know for sure?


I took pics of a game and box side by side so you can see the differences. I forgot the manual pics but the only difference is on the back cover where the serial number is different and the NAP one is missing the Magnavox logo.


The differences are mainly Magnavox being replaced by NAP on the game cart, the different serial numbers and Magnavox missing from the top front and bottom spine. The dates are both the same everywhere. Here is a list I compiled of the games I have seen with both Variants including Quest for the Rings and UFO which I have both of. Let me know if you know of others.


Alien invaders plus

Alpine Skiing

Armored Encounter/Subchase-got

Baseball gotneed box only



Casino Slot Machine

Computer Intro

Cosmic Conflict got


Hockey/Soccer box only

Invaders from Hyperspace-pend

I've got your Number box only

Las Vegas Blackjack

Mathematic/Echo got


Out of this World/Helicopter Rescue-gotneed regular box only


Pocket billiards box only

Quest for the Rings-got

Showdown in 2100ad


Take the money and run



Volleyball box only

War of Nerves





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