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Palette Fixes for ColEm, AdamEm and Classic99


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Here's my four palette fixes to be used in future editions of ColEm, AdamEm and Classic99.

It is a spreadsheet as PNG file.



In order (from left to right), I have the RGB values for:

TMS9918/A (as used on the TI-99/4, TI-99/4A and Tomy Tutor) - "tms9918.pal"

TMS9928A (as used on the ColecoVision, Sega SG1000 and MSX1) - "tms9928a.pal"

V9938 (original; as used on MSX2 and Myarc Geneve) - "v9938.pal"

V9938 (alternate - which approximates the actual TMS9928A colors using the seven intensities of the V9938) - "v9938alt.pal"


Please let me know what you think of all four of these. Thank you!



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