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Balck Screen with ATARI Module


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Hi guys,


I have a great fully working French/Scart Colecovision.


My problem is coming with the Module #1 : when plugging it, I just get a black screen and it won't read any game cartridge.


Unplugged, I get my Colecovision back as usual...


I already cleaned up the connectors many times, both in th extension slot and the Atari module, and did not identify any other potential issues.


Anyone can help ?

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Hi Brood69.


You need a French CBS Atari Module for your French CBS Scart ColecoVision.

I am in the same boat as you, I have had several ColecoVisions.
But when I bought the French CBS Scart version few years back and would try my UK CBS Atari module it was all black screen.
​The French pin out is not the same as the U.S. and the "normal" CBS version.
​I do not have the French CBS Atari Module myself so.


it should be possible to change, but I have not had time to even look at it

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In fact no...I had a French version of the Expansion Module 1 too !


So it does not work...I need to check the Inside.


One quick question : when you switch on the Colecovision with the module connected but no Game cartridge inserted, do you get anything else than a blanck screen ?

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