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Atari C-100 refurbishment questions


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Hey everyone, I've got a Pong unit that I'm in the process of refurbishing. I've finally gotten the thing apart, and I had some questions:


Is there a particular method to opening and removing the RF shield?

What electrolytic capacitors does the board use?

If I'm looking to replace the pots with 2600 paddle controller types, are there any suggestions on how to do that most effectively? The ones in there already are pretty rough, but I noticed those pots are bigger and are soldered directly to the board..

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the RF shield should have little tangs you twist or bend to pass through the adjacent holes , best to re-assemble 2 halves and set aside so tabs don't get mangled up while doing other work.


not sure about the caps values should be written on them


you can open the pots and clean them effectively by resurfacing the little carbon contact, they may also have interchangeable parts with 2600 paddle pots but not fully sure

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ok disassembled my C-100 and yeah the shielding is soldered on


first time getting the knobs off is difficult , hair dryer to heat and expand things help with a lot of pressure, I use fingertips on knobs using knuckle as a fulcrum but some sort of pry tool would work as well , they are typical "D-shaft" knobs and pull straight off


there is a nut on the threads of the potetiometer that have to be removed as well ;)


looks like the solder side of board shielding would need to be removed first to access the parts side of board solder points that pass through the board.



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