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Need stickies or threads on the various hardware bits.


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So there are so many upgrades now.. and we keep answering questions over and over.


What about a sticky for these..


I would like to see something that reviews or compares all these CART devices out there.. like the MYIDE-II and the UltCART Flash carts etc..


there are SIO2 ... you pick..


I have an Incognito and an U1MB.. they are combinations of upgrades..


WHAT about starting an AA (OR JUST ATARI 8 bit wiki) or do we have one and I am not aware?



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how about the topic for newbies - and there take a look at (or better download) the "A8 devices.pdf" comparison table for a start...




OK, good one.. and I was not aware that was being maintained. I still like the idea of a wiki for all this hardware though!!



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The noob pdf talks about the various diskdrive or cart products.. but not really anything else.


I would like it where I could go to a wiki say.. and then the subforum of floppy drives, and see a page on every floppydrive that was made.. what kind of information is there out on the PERCOM drive.. The ASTRA..


what about video mods.


memory mods.. etc.. etc.. etc..



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