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2018 Atari 2600 sell off wttf tranfors g1 or classic

Chris Leach

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Last of my Atari games for sale threads ever! NEW LOOK 1-2018
(most if not all my boxed games have manual inside the box as well)
If you would like pics just pm me an email or text and ill get them to you ASAP


Nintendo 8-Bit <<< click the link for the listing
Playstation <<< click the link for the listing
Sega Genesis <<< click the link for the listing

$125 aso last guardian II CIB cardboard release
$125 raguy CIB cardboard release faded box due to age

Sold Out

$5 Atlantis CIB no contr overlays
$5 B-17 Bomber CIB w/ 2 contr overlays
$5 Dreadnaught Factor CIB w/ 2 contr overlays no activision cart holder inside box
$5 Frogger CIB no contr overlays
$5 Mission X CIB w/ 2 contr overlays box still cello wrapped open at top
$5 Night Stalker CIB w/ 2 contr overlays
$5 Tele-Games Football CIB 2/ contr overlays
$5 Tele-Games Hockey CIB no contr overlays
$5 Tele-Games Poker and Blackjack CIB no contr overlays
$4 Tele-Games Star Strike CIB no contr overlays

Atari 7800
Pole position ii
One on one
Robotron 2084
Ms pac man
Super Huey
Ms pac man
Food fight
Food fight
Donkey Kong junior
Desert falcon
Dig dug
Mat mania
F 18 hornet

ATARI 2600
$5 2 in 1 Brazil Cart (grand prix-missile command)
$5 2 in 1 Brazil Cart (jawbreaker-river raid)
$5 2 in 1 Brazil Cart (megamania-pac man)
$5 2 in 1 Brazil Cart (star voyager-mouse trap)
$10 4 Game in One cart (ice hockey-phantom-spy vs spy-cosmic avenger)
$15 8 in 1 Supervision yellow cart (command 2-astro war-chopper command-jawbreaker-space raid-kangaroo I-grand prix-football)
$15 8 in 1 Supervision yellow cart (river raid-super man-kangaroo I-star master-pirate-z-tack-sky diver-wizard of wor)
$20 8 in 1 v-cart (condor attack-sweet home-reever raid-grand prix-space battle mr gobler-speed racer-rocket attack)
$15 8 in 1 v-cart (frogger-goufer-jow-sweet home-laaser voley-crose forcy-car race-pukkmen)
$15 8 in 1 v-cart (seea queast-canival II-reever raad II-daimon attack-time warp-maech-plant patrol-freeway)
$25 Action Force boxed *2
$10 Activision Decathlon boxed *2
$4 Adventure cart (picture label)
Adventures of Tron cart w/manual *2
$10 Air Bone Assault v-cart
$4 Air Lock cart *5
$5 Air Lock cart w/manual
Air Raiders cart w/manual *2
$4 Air Raiders boxed (tear on top of box)
$8 Air Sea Battle cart w/manual (black tape picture label)
$8 Air Sea Battle 02 boxed *1
$6 Air Sea Battle boxed *4
Alien cart
$18 Alien cart w/manual
$10 Alien's Return ITT cart *2
Amidar cart w/manual
$8 Amidar boxed
$6 Arcade Golf
$5 Arcade Pinball cart w/manual sears text label
Armor Ambush cart w/manual *7
$7 Armor Ambush boxed *2
Artillery Duel cart *2
$20 Artillery Duel-Spike's Peak double ender cart
Assault cart (bomb)
$4 Asteroids cart sears
$4 Asteroids cart w/manual
$8 Asteroids boxed *5
Astroblast cart w/manual *4
$6 Astroblast boxed *5
Atlantis cart w/manual *7
$4 Atlantis cart w/manual (blue label imagic presents)
$10 Atlantis boxed *2
$12 Bank Heist cart w/maunal
$5 Barnstorming cart w/manual *2
$8 Barnstorming boxed
$3 Baseball cart
$5 Baseball cart w/manual sears
$7 Basketball boxed
$12 Basketball boxed (maroon label)
$6 Basketball cart w/manual
$6 Basketball cart sears
Battlezone cart w/manual
$8 Battlezone boxed *5
$10 Beany Bopper boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
$4 Bermuda Triangle cart *2
$12 Bermuda Triangle boxed *3
$4 Berzerk cart w/manual
$8 Berzerk boxed
$12 Big Bird's Egg Catch boxed (ruff)
$5 Blackjack cart sears
$5 Blue Print cart w/manual *2
$10 Bobby is Going Home boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
$15 Bogey Blaster Telegames boxed
$8 Bowling boxed *2
$10 Bowling boxed (taiwan cooper) *3
$6 Bowling cart sears
$5 Boxing cart (blue label activision presents)
$10 Boxing boxed
$10 Boxing boxed (taiwan cooper)
$8 Boxing v-cart
$26 Brain Games boxed (black and white)
$3 Breakaway IV cart
$8 Breakout boxed (PAL)
Buck Rogers cart *2
$6 Bugs cart w/manual *2
Bugs Bunny Prototype cart from best electronics?
$8 Bump n Jump cart w/manual
$24 Bump n Jump Telegames boxed
$12 Burgertime cart w/manual
$10 Busy Police zellers cart
$7 Canyon Bomber cart w/manual
$6 Canyon Bomber cart sears
Carnival cart
$6 Carnival cart w/manual
$8 Carnival boxed
$8 Casino boxed
Centipede cart w/manual *4
$6 Challenge zellers cart *2
$6 Challenge of Nexar cart *2
$3 Championship Soccer cart (text label)
$10 Chess boxed (taiwan cooper) *3
$6 Circus Atari boxed
$5 Chopper Command cart w/manual *2
$6 Chopper Command cart (blue label activision presents)
$8 Chopper Command boxed
$8 Circus zellers cart
$5 Coconuts cart (no handle)
$5 Coconuts cart w/manual (handle)
$8 Combat 01 boxed
$3 Combat cart w/manual
$5 Combat boxed *9
$12 Commando cart (dirty label) w/manual
$4 Commando Raid cart *2
$6 Commando Raid boxed
$6 Congo Bongo cart *2
$5 Cookie Monster Munch cart
Cosmic Ark cart w/manual *6
$1 Cosmic Ark cart only (mangled label) w/manaul
$5 Cosmic Ark cart (yellow label imagic presents PAL)
$8 Cosmic Ark boxed
$8 Cosmic Creeps cart w/manual (no handle)
$6 Cosmic Creeps cart (handle) *2
$12 Cosmic Town ITT cart
$18 Crash Dive cart w/manual
$7 Crossbow boxed (maroon label) *6
$10 Cross Force boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Cruise Missile cart
$10 Crypts of Chaos cart *2
$5 Crystal Castles cart w/manual 1988
$6 Crystal Castles boxed *3
Dark Cavern cart w/manual *3
$6 Dark Cavern boxed *2
$10 Dark Chambers boxed (maroon label)
$6 Deadly Duck cart (label variant)
$8 Defence v-cart
$5 Defender cart w/manual *2
$7 Defender boxed *5
$16 Defender II boxed (maroon label New in box) *2
$12 Defender II boxed (maroon label)
$22 Demolition Herby cart (b&w no handle no handle no end label)
Demon Attack cart w/manual *5
$6 Demon Attack cart w/manual (blue label imagic presents)
$8 Demon Attack boxed *7
$10 Demond Attack boxed (taiwan cooper)
$6 Demons to Diamonds cart w/manual
$8 Demons to Diamonds boxed
$6 Der Postman boxed
Desert Falcon cart w/manual
Dig Dug cart w/manual *2
$10 Dig Dug boxed (silver label) *2
$10 Dodge Em boxed
$12 Dodge Em boxed (white box used) *2
$12 Dolphin cart w/manual
$15 Dolphin boxed
Donkey Kong cart (coleco w/sticker on back free w gemini purchase)
$8 Donkey Kong cart w/manual *9
Donkey Kong cart (CBS PAL)
$8 Donkey Kong boxed (coleco) *2
Donkey Kong cart (maroon label)
$10 Donkey Kong boxed (taiwan cooper) *1
Donkey Kong v-cart
$10 Donkey Kong Jr boxed (maroon label)
$12 Double Dunk boxed (maroon label) *2
Dragon Treasure zellers cart *5
Dragster cart w/manual
$8 Dragster boxed (tape on box $3)
E.T. cart w/manual
$10 E.T boxed *2
Earth Attack zellers cart *2
Eggo Mania cart w/handle
Eggo Mania cart wo/handle
Eggo mania cart w/manual
Encounter at L-5 cart w/manual *2
$8 Enduro cart w/manual
Enduro cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
$10 Enduro boxed *2
$10 Endure boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Enduro v-cart
Entombed cart*2
Exocet cart
Fantastic Voyage cart *2
Fast Eddie cart
Fast Eddie cart w/manual
Fast Food cart w/manual (handle)
Fast Food cart w/ manual (no handle)
$14 Fast Food boxed
Fathom cart w/manual *2
Fire Bird cart (v-cart)
Fire Fly cart *3
$14 Firefighter boxed
$10 Fishing boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Fishing v-cart
$12 Fishing Derby boxed
Fishing Derby cart w/manual
$10 Flag Capture boxed *3
$8 Football boxed
Football v-cart
Football zellers cart
$12 Fox and Pig boxed (taiwan cooper)
$10 Freeway boxed *5
Freeway cart w/ manual
Freeway cart w/ manual (blue label upside down activision present)
Freeway zellers cart *3
Frogger cart w/manual *8
Frogger cart (v-cart)
Frogger boxed
$10 Frogger boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Frogs n Flies cart w/manual *2
$12 Frogs n Flies boxed
Frontline zellers cart *2
Galactic cart (v-cart)
Galaxian cart w/manual
$12 Galaxian boxed (New in box)
$10 Galaxian boxed
Galaxy Invader zellers cart
Gangster Alley cart *2
Gangster Alley cart w/manual
Ghostbusters cart (blue label activision presents)
$18 Ghost Manor-Spike's Peak boxed
$10 Glutten boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Golf cart w/manual (black tape picture label)
Golf cart w/manual sears text label *2
Gopher cart
Gopher cart w/handle
Gopher cart wo/handle
$16 Gopher boxed *2
Gorf cart w/manual
$5 Grand Prix cart w/manual *3
Grand Prix cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
Grand Prix cart w/manual (blue label upside down activision presents)
$10 Grand Prix boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
$14 Gravitar boxed (maroon label New in box) *2
$12 Gravitar boxed (maroon label) * 2
Great Escape cart *3 (bomb)
Gunslinger cart
Gunslinger cart w/manual sears text label yellow
$16 Hangman boxed
Haunted House cart w/manual sears picture label
Homerun cart w/manual (black tape picture label)
Ice Hockey cart w/manual *4
Ice Hockey cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
$12 Ice Hockey boxed *3
$10 Ice Hockey boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Ice Hockey cart
$8 Indy 500 cart w/manual *2
$12 Indy 500 boxed (big box no controllers)
Infiltrate cart (blue label)
Infiltrate cart (brown label)
Journey Escape cart *2
$12 Journey Escape boxed
Joust (New in box)
$10 Joust boxed *3
Jr. Pac Man boxed (maroon label) *2
Jr. Pac Man cart w/manual
Jungle Hunt cart w/manual
$10 Jungle Hunt boxed *3
Kaboom cart w/manual
Kangaroo cart w/manual *3
Kaboom cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
$10 Kaboom boxed
$10 Kangaroo boxed *2
Karate cart w/ manual
$18 Karate boxed
$10 Karate boxed (taiwan cooper)
Keystone Kapers cart w/manual
Keystone Kapers cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
$10 Keystone Kapers boxed
$10 Keystone Kapers boxed (taiwan cooper)
King Kong cart
$28 Klax boxed (maroon label)
Kool Aid Man cart w/manual
$14 Kung Fu Master cart w/manual *2
Kung Fu Superkicks cart (telegames)
$32 Kung Fu Superkicks Telegames boxed
Laser Base ITT cart
Laser Blast cart w/manual *3
$10 Laser Blast boxed *5
Laser Volley zellers cart *2
$10 Little Bear boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Lock n Chase cart w/manual *4
$10 Lock n Chase boxed *3
London Blitz cart
Lost Luggage cart w/manual (blue label)
Lost Luggage cart (green label)
Lost Luggage cart w/manual (green label)
$6 M.A.D. cart *3
M.A.S.H. cart w/manual *2
$12 M.A.S.H. boxed
Marine War cart*3 (konami)
$24 Marine Wars boxed (gakken)
Mario Bros cart w/manual (silver label) *2
Mario Bros cart w/manual color label
Math cart
Maze Craze cart w/maunal (picture label)
Mega Force cart *2
Mega Force cart w/manual
Megamania cart w/manual *3
Megamania cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
Meteor Defense ITT cart *2
Midnight Magic cart w/manual *5
$12 Midnight Magic boxed (maroon label) *2
Millipede cart w/manual (silver label)
Miner 2049'er cart *2
$6 Missile Command cart w/manual *2
$8 Missile Command boxed *6
$10 Mission 3000 A.D. boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Mogul Maniac cart *3
Monn Patrol cart w/manual *3
$10 Moon Patrol boxed
Moonsweeper cart w/manual (blue label imagic presents)
Motocross Racer cart
Mountain King cart *2
Mouse Trap cart *2
Mouse Trap cart w/manual *3
Mouse Trap cart (CBS PAL)
$12 Mouse Trap boxed *3
Mr Do cart *2
$100 Mr Do's Castle cart w/manual (manual appers to have been folded in half at some point but looks nice)
$10 Mr Postman boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Ms Pac Man cart w/manual *2
$14 Ms Pac Man boxed (silver label) *7
$12 My Golf boxed (New in box) *2
Name This Game cart w/handle
$45 N.E.R.D.S. boxed (homebrew)
Night Driver cart sears
$10 Night Driver boxed
Nightmare cart (sancho)
No Escape cart w/manual
$10 Normandy Landing boxed (taiwan cooper)
Ocean City Defender zellers cart *4
$12 Oink cart w/manual
Omega Race cart *3
Open Sesame cart w/manual (o bit)
$10 Open Sesame boxed (taiwan cooper)
$8 Othello boxed
$10 Othello boxed (white box New in box)
$8 Othello boxed (white box used)
Pac-Man cart (v-cart)
$6 Pac-Man cart w/manual *4
$10 Pac-Man boxed *2
Pac Man cart w/manual sears picture label *2
$10 Pele's Soccer boxed (taiwan cooper)
Pengo w/manual
Pete Rose Baseball cart *2
$22 Phantom Panzer boxed
$10 Phoenix boxed *2
Phoenix w/manual *5 (1 1988 w/manual 4 1982 w/manual)
$10 Pinball boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Pitfall w/manual (blue label activision presents)
$3 Pitfall w/manual (writing on one label other label is plaqued)
$10 Pitfall boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Pitfall II cart * 2
Planet Patrol cart
Plaque Attack w/manual
Poker Plus cart *2
Poker Plus cart w/manual sears text label yellow
$8 Polaris cart (PAL) *2
$6 Polaris cart (PAL no end label)
$10 Pole Position boxed (silver label) *2
Pole Position w/ manual
Pooyan cart (gakken)
Pooyan cart (konami)
$12 Popeye boxed *3
Popeye w/manual
$10 Popeye boxed (taiwan cooper)
Porkys cart
Porkys cart w/manual
Private Eye cart w/manual
$10 Puzzled World boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Q-Bert cart w/manual silver
Q-Bert cart w/manual marron *3
$10 Q-Bert boxed *5
$10 Q-Bert boxed (taiwan cooper)
Quest for Quintano Roo cart (telegames)
Quest for Qunitano Roo Telegames boxed *3
Quick Step cart w/manual
Race cart w/manual sears text label
Radar zellers cart *2
Raft Rider cart
$6 Raiders of the lost Ark w/ manual *5
Ram It cart (b&w no handle no end label)
$12 Reactor boxed *2
$10 Real Sports Baseball boxed (New in box)
$8 Real Sports Baseball boxed *5
$8 Real Sports Football boxed *9
$8 Real Sports Tennis boxed
$8 Real Sports Volleyball boxed *3
$8 Real Sports Volleyball boxed (silver and white box) *2
Real Sport Volleyball w/manual*2 (manuals - 1 color and 1 black n white)
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes cart
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes cart w/manual
Riddle of the Sphinx cart (red label imagic presents PAL)
Riddle of the Sphinx cart w/manual *5
$10 Riddle of the Sphinx boxed
$16 River Raid boxed *4
River Raid cart *2
River Raid cart w/manual
$10 River Raid II boxed (HES)
Robot Tank cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
$8 Robot Tank boxed *6
Roc N Rope cart *2
$24 Schnecke Gegen Eichhornchen boxed
Scuba Diver zellers cart
$24 Sea Hawk boxed *2
Sea Hawk cart (sancho)
$26 Sea Hawk boxed (sancho)
Sea Hawk v cart
Sea Hawk zellers cart
Sea Hunt cart
$22 Sea Hunt boxed
Sea Quest cart w/manual
$10 Sea Quest boxed (taiwan cooper)
$12 Secret Quest boxed (maroon label)
Shark Attack cart *2
Shuttle Orbiter cart (ink on label)
Skate Boardin cart w/manual
Skate Boardin cart (activision presents PAL?)
$14 Skate Boardin boxed
Skeet Shoot cart
Ski v-cart
$12 Skiing boxed *2
$10 Sky Jinks boxed
Sky Jinks w/manual *2
$10 Slot Machine boxed
Sneak n Peek cart w/manual
Soccer cart (sears text label)
Solar Fox cart w/manual *2
$6 Solaris cart w/manual *2
$12 Solaris boxed (maroon label New in box)
$10 Solaris boxed (maroon label) *3
Sorcerer cart
Sorcerers Apprentice cart
$12 Spacechase boxed
Space Attack cart (telegames)
Space Attack cart w/manual *5
$10 Space Attack boxed *7
Space Canyon cart (ink writing on top of label)
Space Canyon cart
Space Cavern cart (red label) *3
Space Cavern cart (blue label)
Space Chase cart *2 (blue label)
Space Invaders cart w/manual sears text label *3
$10 Space Invaders boxed *5
Space Jockey cart *2
$10 Space Jockey boxed *3
Space Master X-7 cart w/manual
Space Shuttle cart w/manual (blue label activision presents)
$11 Space Shuttle cart w/ manual
Space Shuttle cart (activision presents white label) *2
$10 Space War boxed
Speedway II cart
Spelling cart
$10 Spider boxed (taiwan cooper)
$12 Spiderdroid boxed *2
$12 Spider Fighter boxed *3
Spider Fighter w/manual *2
$12 Spiderman boxed * 4
Spitfire Attack cart (no end label) *2
Spy Hunter cart w/handle
Squeeze Box cart *3
$12 Squeeze Box boxed
$10 Squirrel boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Ssnake cart *2
Stampede w/manual *2
Stargunner cart (b*w no handle no end label)
Star Fox cart
$18 Star Fox boxed (New in box)
Starmaster w/manual *3
$8 Star Raiders cart w/manual *2
$14 Star Raiders boxed w/ controllers (like new) *2
$12 Star Raiders boxed w/ controllers (used nice) *3
$10 Star Ship boxed
$14 Star Trek cart w/manual *2
Star Voyager cart w/manual *2
$10 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back boxed *5
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back w/manual *3
$18 Star Wars Jedi Arena boxed
Star Wars Jedi Arena w/manual
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle w/manual *2
$6 Starmaster cart w/manual *2
$8 Starmaster boxed *5
Star Strike cart w/manual
Stellar Track cart
Strategy X cart (konami)
$26 Strategy X boxed (gakken)
$10 Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match Up boxed
$10 Street Racer boxed
Street Racer 12 cart w/manual
Sub Scan cart *2
$10 Summer Games boxed *2
$1 Summer games cart dirty looking label
$8 Super Baseball boxed (maroon label) *3
$4 Super Breakout cart
$6 Super Breakout boxed *4
$8 Super Challenge Baseball boxed *10
$3 Super Challenge Football cart w/manual *6
$8 Super Challenge Football boxed *3
Super Cobra w/manual
$10 Super Football boxed (maroon label New in box)
$8 Super Football boxed (maroon label) *2
Super Football w/manual *2
Survival Run cart w/end label
Survival Run cart wo/end label
$10 Swordquest Earthworld boxed *2
Swordquest Earthworld w/manual *2 (1 black n white manual 1 color manual
Swordquest Fireworld w/manual
Tac Scan cart w/manual
Tac Scan cart *2
$14 Tac Scan boxed
$18 Tac Scan boxed (New in box)
Tank Brigade cart
$10 Tank Mission boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Tanks but No Tanks cart
Tape Worm cart *2
Target Fun cart w/manual sears text label yellow *3
Target Fun cart w/manual sears text label red *3
Task Force cart
$16 Task Force boxed *2
$10 Tennis boxed *2
Tennis w/manual *2
$10 Tennis boxed (taiwan cooper)
Tennis zellers cart
The Earth Dies Screaming cart
Threshold cart
Thunderground cart (color label) *2
Thunderground cart (b&w label)
$32 Time Pilot cart w/manual *2
Time Warp zellers cart *3
Title Match Pro Wrestling cart w/manual
Tomcat F-14 cart
$16 Tomcat F-14 boxed
$10 Tooth Brush boxed (taiwan cooper) *2
Towering Inferno cart w/manual
Trick Shot cart w/manual *2
Tron Deadly Discs cart w/manual *2
Turmoil cart w/manual
$10 UFO boxed (taiwan cooper)
Up n Down cart no handle
Vaguard cart w/manual
$10 Vanguard boxed
Vanguard w/manual *5
Venture cart
$5 Venture cart w/manual *2
$10 Venture boxed *4
$6 Video Pinball cart w/manual
$8 Video Pinball boxed *3
Video Jogger cart
Wabbit cart
$5 Warlords cart w/manual *2
$8 Warlords boxed *4
Warplock cart
Warlords cart w/ large manual sears text label
Warplock cart w/manual *2
$22 Weltraum-Tunnel boxed
Winter Games cart (very white)
Winter Games cart EPYX PAL version
$20 Winter Games boxed
Wiard of Wor cart w/manual *4
Word Zapper cart *2
Word Zapper cart w/manual
$12 Word Zapper boxed *2
X-Man reproduction cart (normal atari cart)
$8 Yar's Revenge cart w/manual *3
$13 Yar's Revenge boxed *2
Yar's Revenge cart w/manuals sears picture label
Zaxxon cart
Zaxxon cart w/manual
Zaxxon cart (CBS PAL)

ATARI 7800


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