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Wanted:Can anyone help with ANYloose cart for Neo Geo AES for project-HELP!


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*Update: just need any loose neo geo aes cart. Any title, doesn't even need to work just needs to look decent.



So I am making a display for the museum area at the Midwest Gaming Classic that is in just over a month.


It is going to be a history of the videogame cartridge so especially younger kids can see this old wonderful media form that ended before they were born.


It will have an example of every usa cart ever made. Displayed in order with some info and dates



So I need a loose cart for the following systems. The most common games or pack in game is preferable but any game example is fine.

They just need to be in good shape with decent labels. They dont even have to work/function.

These 3 I need the most as they are the systems I never collected for:




Sega 32x


I can also use these as I no longer have loose spares to use for the display:






I would be thrilled if anyone would be happy to donate any of these for this display 1000s of people will see.

I am also willing to pay a nominal fee if necessary.

Either way I am more than happy to cover all shipping/packing costs. I could also trade spares I have



Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

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This is my list of cart systems by order if anyone can think if ones I miss please let me know. Or if release order is wrong.

This is strictly usa releases and I am not including computer/console hybrids.


magnavox odyssey

Channel f

Rca studio 2

Coleco telstar arcade

Atari 2600

Bally astrocade


Odyssey 2


Arcadia 2001









Neo geo aes




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How about these cartridge systems: Sega 32X, Atari Lynx, sega gamegear, gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, neogeo pocket, nintendo ds

Hi, thanks.

Guess I forgot to say I was not going to include handhelds for this display either. Strictly console cart history.

Though I had thought about the sega 32x. It is just an add on for the genesis....so I struggled if it really needed to be represented as it's own system. Don't the carts for it look basically identical to the Genesis carts?

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I think you mean ONE cart of every system made, yes?

Haha yes, 1 example of a cart made for each usa based console system.

Not 1 of every cart ever :D that would be a hell of a display lol


I am fine to pay a typical base price for these as well. While donations are welcome I have no problem buying/trading for them especially if someone can help with multiples.


The jaguar, genesis and neo geo aes are what I really need the most.

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Yeah I am on the fence about adding 32x...I suppose if someone has a spare to sell I would probably add it.

3rd party stuff I have no interest to add and would be impossible in this kind of display. There are literally 100s of cart shell variants for all cart based systems added together ;) dozens alone for the 2600

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Found someone to help me with 5 of these.


Still need any cart for:

Neo geo aes

Sega 32x



I know it's especially unlikely anyone wants to donate a aes cart, so please anyone hit me with a price for any aes cart. Working or not as long as label is decent.


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