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2600RGB installed, now with graphics artifacts


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Check out the videos I linked to...


After installing a 2600RGB in a working six switch this is what I see. The artifacts differ a bit with each game, but here is how Asteroids and Baseball look now:





I checked continuity through the 2600rgb and adapter board and everything seemed good.


Did I mess up the TIA, or something else? Anyone see these glitches before?

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I checked everything on the 2600RGB and adapter board again and found an issue with the connection to pin 34.


I tried to re-solder that pin on the adapter board, both the pin header and socket with no luck.


Went ahead and jumpered those pins on the adapter board with a short wire. Now it works!


SO, those videos I uploaded are examples of what the 2600 video output looks like without pin 34 on the TIA connected!

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I'm going to install my 2600 rgb tonight, interesting to see, thanks for posting.


Good Luck!


It was pretty straight forward since my TIA was already socketed. Although, I should have paid closer attention to the low profile vs tall pin headers. As I was putting together the adapter board, I first soldered the wrong pin header in place and had to desolder it. That's probably when I messed up pin 34!

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