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FS: Atari Lynx II original (CIB) with 9 games (6 CIB)

The Evener

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For sale is an Atari Lynx II system (unmodded - comes in box (CIB) with original instructions/packing materials, the Atari Lynx carrying caes, plus 9 games - 6 with box and instructions. All boxes show a little flexing except Batman, while Rygar was basically flattened.


Asking $150 US OBO plus shipping. NOW $125 US plus shipping.


I purchased this system in 1992 and collected for a few years before putting it away for 20+ years. Smoke free home, humid free storage, and all the good stuff.


There is a small spec of white on top of the screen, but under the plexi. This appeared almost the moment I started playing the system. I don't know how it got under, but I never removed it. It doesn't interfere with game play.


Overall unit condition is good - no blemishes/scratches from playing/throwing.


System box is in decent condition - basically the same condition as when I first purchased it.


Batman, the pack-in game, has original box and instructions - condition of the box is very good.


Games with boxes and instructions - Ms. Pac-Man, Rygar (see above), Roboton: 2084, Toki, and Checkered Flag.


Three other games without boxes/instructions Scrapyard Dog, Zarlor Mercenary, and Tournament Cyberball.


The package also includes a good condition Atari-branded Lynx carrying case with two pouches for game cards.


Just a note - updating my original ad to include new games/boxes - photos of added boxes/games will follow later tonight.






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