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Oric AtmoStrat GX


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"Welcome of new era of Oric life. This is the new Oric computer of 21 century. It's new motherboard will replace your old Oric Atmos motherboard and you will have the same old Oric with a lot of new features. It's not only Atmos compatible. It's Pravetz 8D compatible too and thanks to the idea of Fabrice Frances it's HyperBasic and TeleAss (Telestrat) compatible. That's not all. It's not just a mix between Atmos and Telestrat. It's much more. You can see it's motherboard:



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Cool! There is a whole era of substitute motherboards these days, from the reloaded C64 via the improved Spectrum and now this Oric board, just to name a few off the top of my head. However I didn't see any indication of price or availability, in case it is meant to be available to buy.


Aha, it was posted in June 2016 so not brand spanking new.

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