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So there's this guy who drives a golf cart around our park out back with his Jack Russell Terrier in tow named Boots. We call him Golf Cart Man. He'd been gone for a while. But he came back. Boots and my dog like to bark at each other through the sliding glass window. Today though was different. It seems as though Golf Cart Man's golf cart broke down, right near our back door. So my dog and Boots have been barking at each other a lot while Golf Cart Man tries to fix his golf cart. Mom got home later than usual and I told her about it. She went out to help him. Apparently he got a flat tire. Mom just came by and she apparently offered to drive him home. That's what she's doing right now. But I was asleep on the couch when this all started. Now I am wide awake because of all the barking. But I'm not angry. I had been meaning to turn my life around and sleep at night like normal people do. I am though, very sleepy. Last night I was up until 2 am. I had been working on my game, trying to do what should be a simple thing to do: Start the game by pressing the fire button. I had already earlier in the day got the waffles moving around back and forth in random directions. But I tried to go to sleep at midnight but I couldn't. So I worked on it, hoping to get it done real fast, but I couldn't. But I wanted to finish it before I tried to go to sleep again. I guess I'll just stay up and go to sleep tonight. Like a normal person.

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