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Herzog Zwei - Sega Genesis Game Of The Month for June 1990

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I had that issue of Game Players AND Herzog Zwei BITD. lol


Cool game, but found it to be a bit tedious and wasn't crazy about its split personality and the action part of it. Same reason I never cared for the Archon "chess" games. When it comes to these types of games, I prefer the gameplay where you set your pieces/infantry/army, etc. into motion and let the computer duke it out via some good old fashioned stats and mathematics. Military Madness for the TG-16 was just what the doctor ordered that way. :love:

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Interesting; I want to say Herzog Zwei got bad reviews from the other game mags of the time because people didn't understand it... but I don't have anything to back that up. Maybe I'll look around... but I'm sure I've heard that.


Personally, I love the game.



Yeah, Herzog Zwei got shit on by three of the four EGM Review Crew, but not by other magazines.



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I watched a short youtube clip of this and unless what I seen is a small portion of the game it looked very repetitive and boring. The guy flys back and forth to what appears like refueling to prevent himself from exploding? Seriously every time he fought 1 enemy he flew back to refuel, that just looks irritating.

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This game has always been in my mind.


I remember seeing it on the back of the ToeJam & Earl poster that came with DecapAttack.

The title... I had no idea how to pronounce it! Then, later, I played Thunder Force II and I thought the screenshots looked similar to the overhead stages and thought hey, maybe this game IS cool in addition to having a bizarre name.


Flash forward 7 years or so and I finally got to try the game in emulation and I just did NOT understand it at ALL.


Then slowly but surely I heard so many good things online about this game I had to try it again. Same thing.


I would really like to own this game. Sitting down in front of my TV with Sega controller in hand and manual to reference while I play I know I'd get the groove of it and figure it out.

But would I LIKE it?

The price it goes for these days I can't take that risk unfortunately.


Maybe just a printout of the manual and the ROM will have to do some day if I ever really want to figure this game out.

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I mean, Herzog Zwei was released on the Mega Drive in Japan at the end of 1989, and it's only a 4-meg cartridge, same as Thunder Force II, but the gameplay possibilities in Herzog Zwei were nearly endless.


You can observe the limits of the 7.6 MHz 68000 CPU when 2-players have 50 units each placed on the map, the maximum.


If you really liked Herzog Zwei, essentially the forefather of the real-time strategy genre (and pre-dating Dune II on PC), then imagine how incredible a 32X or Saturn version would've been, with vastly superior sprite graphics, scaling & rotation, etc.


It's sad that the rumored 32X sequel never happened.

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