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So anyway, I was wrong. Turned out the golf cart got stuck in the mud, not having a flat tire. Anyway, Mom helped him by driving him home. We looked out for the golf cart making sure nobody went near it. It was there when mom went to bed at 9. I got up at 2am though and I didn't see the golf cart there. As it turned out, some mystery person got it unstuck then drove it up the hill where it rested in someone's driveway. The guy who lived there said he had no idea how a golf cart got in his driveway. The golf cart still had its keys inside it. So anyway, Golf Cart Man got his golf cart unstuck and returned. I have been working on improving the Francis game. I composed a little tune. I added a new thing. I think all this might be for naught because nobody really seems to care. If it is a piece of garbage please say so so I don't continue to work on something that isn't worth it. I have received exactly 0 comments about how good/bad it is since i started working on it. I've been sleeping on/off throughout the whole golf cart ordeal. I don't know why I can't stay asleep for my usual 12 hours. Well, my stomach did hurt last night. It started making weird loud sounds. "Great," I thought. "Just when I was working on my game I need to stop and go to the bathroom," I hate going to the bathroom. It's just one of the things about bodies I hate. Another one is sleep. Every single night I have to go to sleep. Why doesn't eating food recharge the body? Why do we have to lay down unconscious for 8 hours every night?

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