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Tank Question


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One other question since they seem to keep popping up for sale in my area. Was Kee Games Tank truly a two player only game or did it have a single player mode? I've had a couple pop up for a good deal in my area since the holidays with a third restored one offered a couple weeks ago. One reason why I passed on them was because of this question.

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I had a Tank game for a while but gave it to a collector friend. I got it because it was cheaper than hell (like $100 or something), but the cab needed some work and it basically never got used. 2-player only games are definitely relics of their time. You couldn't get somebody off their smartphone long enough to even look at one of these games now, let alone actually play.

I currently have an Anti-Aircraft, and while that's also "two-player only," you can at least play by yourself and see how high you can score.

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