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Intellivision Baseball League 2017


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HUGE game today! The Beamriders (6-2) try to clinch their FOURTH straight Action Network championship as they visit the Smash (5-3). Game will be color v. color.

If the Smash can somehow win, both teams will be tied for first place entering the final week of the season. Both teams are playing inconsistent lately, so it can go either way.
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Week wrap-up:

The Bombers stun the Deadly Dogs with a three-run home run and win 3-1. This ends the Dogs record setting seven game win streak.


The Snakes beat the Ghosts 4-0. The Snakes have won four in a row, the Ghosts have lost six out of their last seven.


The Armada hand the Spartans their third straight loss, winning 3-0.


Next week is the last week of the season, and it's inter-network week! The Spartans host the four-time Action Network champion Beamriders on Monday.

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The season is over! Here are the highlights of the past week:

We had another 19 inning game! The Ghosts beat the Bombers 1-0.

The Spartans stun the Beamriders with a 4-1 win.

The Smash take advantage of errors by the Deadly Dogs to win 2-1. Deadly Dogs still get home field advantage in the championship series.

The Snakes win their fifth game in a row beating the River Raiders 1-0.

The Armada beat the Mutants 1-0.


Final league standings are up at http://bit.ly/ibl17


The championship series starts Monday!

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Live from the Deadly Dogs Dome, it's the 2017 Intellivision Baseball League Championship Series between the Beamriders and the Deadly Dogs!

This will be the fourth championship series appearance in a row by the Beamriders. The 2014 series was lost to the Spartans in three games. They had an even tougher series against the Bombers in 2015, but had a huge game three to win their first league championship. Last season, they had the toughest league championship yet as they beat the Armada in three games with all of those games decided by only a run.

They come into this game with a 7-3 record on the season. Their pitching and defense have been great overall, but they have not faced a team with as much offensive power as the Deadly Dogs. The Beamriders offense this year has not been as good as past seasons, only scoring two runs or less per game. That could be the difference maker in this series.

After winning their first five games of the season, the Beamriders hit a snag losing two in a row and being shutout in both those games. But just when it looked bad for them, they pulled it together like the champs they are and won two of their last three games to become four-time Action Network Champions.

The Deadly Dogs have done a lot in their two years of existence. After a slow first season last year, their young bats came alive to win five out of their final six games. Those hot bats carried over to this season to earn a 7-3 record, with those seven wins setting a new league record for the longest winning streak. Their explosive offense led the league in runs scored this season, while their pitching and defense were some of the best in the league. They have lost their last two games of this season, however, so they will have to tighten up to stop the Beamriders.

The Beamriders played the Deadly Dogs at the end of last season and won 2-0. But that was then, this is now! Will the Beamriders be shot down, or will the Deadly Dogs get burned? Follow the game live on twitter @intysports. First pitch is in around 30 minutes!

Games will be on the league's YouTube channel is at http://bit.ly/intytubeshortly after they are completed.

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2017 Season Review

This season can be summed up in three simple words: BEST SEASON EVER!

League records broken or league firsts this season:

Most runs scored in a game

9, River Raiders @ Bombers, 4/20/17

Longest game

19 innings, River Raiders @ Armada, 5/22/17

19 innings, Bombers @ Ghosts, 6/20/17

Longest winning streak

Deadly Dogs, 7 games

Consecutive shutouts

11 games, 5/10/17-5/25/17

Consecutive 1-0 games

6 games, 5/17/17-5/25/17

First time a season has completed with a Battle Network team more than two games back of first place (Bombers & River Raiders)

First sweep of the League Championship Series

First time all games of the League Championship Series were shutouts

Best start to a season in league history

Deadly Dogs, 7-1

Worst start to a season in league history

Bombers, 0-7

Here is a breakdown of the teams this season:


The defending league champions got off to a hot start this season winning their first five games. Playing that hard started to take its toll on the team in mid-season when they were shutout for two games in a row. They quickly recovered to win two of their last three games and capture their fourth Action Network Championship.

Their pitching and defense were some of the best in the league, however their offense declined slightly. They only scored two runs in each of their wins, and they were shutout by the Deadly Dogs in the league championship series. Losing that series was a devestating blow to the team and their pride, they will need to regroup and recover from it next season.


They had another good first half and kept pace with the Beamriders, but once again their offense struggled in the second half. They still finished with a winning record, but will need to score runs consistently throughout the season to be a strong contender for the network title.


Much like the Deadly Dogs last season, the Snakes started out winless, but they re-tooled their offense mid-season and won their last five games and averaged almost three runs per game. They ended up being the best offensive team of the Action Network. Their pitching and defense still needs work though, they gave up almost two runs per game this season. Now that their offense has some bite and with a faster defense, they should be a team to watch out for next season.


Their pitching and defense improved a lot this season, being one of the best in the league. Their offense struggled again, scoring less than two runs in most of their games. They also were winless on the road this year, being the only team in the league to be without wins either at home or on the road. Their coaches need to keep the players focused on improving power and patience at the plate and to not be intimidated in opponent's ballparks.


After a good first season last year, their second season in the league has been dismal. After winning their first two games, they lost five in a row, giving up two runs or more in most of those games while barely scoring any of their own. They somehow gave the Beamriders a tough game in the last game of the season winning a 19 inning marathon 1-0. They did manage to tighten up their pitching and defense in the second half, only giving up four runs. If the offense can improve, they can be scary once again.

Deadly Dogs

We should all know their history by now, it's been the biggest story of the league this year. They set a league record seven game win streak starting in week two. They also had one of the highest scoring games in league history with a 7-0 road win against the Spartans. With a clear shot at the championship series, it seems they rested a bit in the last two games of the season as they lost both of them and only scored two runs.

They stormed into the league championship series on a mission to dethrone the repeating champion Beamriders. Their offense ignited while their defense and pitching were locked in to completely shut down the Beamriders and complete the first two-game sweep in IBL championship series history.


They would have repeated as Battle Network Champions if the Deadly Dogs were not a slightly better team. They still had another good season, ranking second in total runs scored and having one of the best pitching and defenses in the league. They set a league record for the longest game in IBL history, a 19-inning 1-0 marathon against the River Raiders. Their major flaw was scoring more than one run per game consistently. That will have to be worked on next year.


They were slightly improved over last season in wins, but were shot down again by inconsistency in both offense and defense. They had good power at the plate in some games, but were also shut out in four games this season. They also gave up the most runs overall this season.

River Raiders

They shattered the league record for number of runs in a game with a 9-4 win against the Bombers in week 3. However, that offensive display turned out to be a fluke as they hit a five game nosedive in mid-season, four of those five losses being shutouts. Pitching and defense were tight in most games though, they didn't lose by much. Another team crippled by inconsistency.


A team that just couldn't get it together this season, having the worst start in league history and almost giving up the most runs in the league this season. Their once strong defense did return to form towards the end of the season, only giving up four runs in their final four games. Their offense was off to a great start until being shut out in four straight games during mid-season. If their offense and defense can be consistent at the same time, they could return to championship form.

Thanks to all of the fans for your support! Keep an eye out for website changes in the near future.

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