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Majesco Sega Game gear Recap?

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Hey guys,


I've been collecting GG stuff for only about 6 months now. I, like many, bought a used one on ebay, the screen was barely visible, no sound and screen lens scratched to hell, so, after a full strip down and clean, recap and new glass lens we were back in business but ive always wanted a better quality screen without having to get a mcwills.


So...after months of trawling the internet, managed to find a working Majesco game gear. when it arrived, bar a scratched lens, it was pretty much mint, but the screen seems worse than my original recapped gamegear?!


I was under the impression that these weren't plagued with bad caps like the originals so recaps weren't needed.



If i bump the brightness up all the way, it doesn't get any brighter past 3/4's on the dial and you can still make out the picture, yet on my original, full brightness is blinding and you cant make anything out. Plus the colours have a kinda yellowy tinge to them. Only advantage i can see, is that there is pretty much no vertical ghosting at all.



Is it worth doing a recap on these? or is it just a myth that the screens were of a better quality and gave a better image, because from comparing the 2, my original GG wipes the floor with it interms of clarity, colour and contrast.

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The screen clarity and lack of being as blue hued I think was the perk of the majesco. They still used the gutter scraping bottom of the barrel craptastic capacitors all the GGs (and the NEC TG/TE/Duo) used too that all fail horribly. A recap of the primary board and then the two small secondaries which have the audio on them will fix it up. It's worth it to bulletproof it from cap failure. If you go partially to all out you can get a replacement for the CFL where someone strings 2-4LEDs in there which gives better lighting and 2.5x the battery life, or all out, a replacement LED screen but the aspect ratio is a little off and expensive.

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Ahh, interesting. I understood it that the reason the GG and TG etc. had failing caps was due to a worldwide bad batch in the early to mid-nineties and the Majesco was immune to this because of the 200-2001 year it was produced.


I also had considered doing the LED conversion but after reading and seeing a lot of the outcome on the internet leaving a very uneven lit screen and an overly blue tinge.



I may recap it then, the caps are cheap and fairly easy to do anyway and see where that puts me.


what are my options for LCD conversion then? I know you can get a Mcwills, but seem fiddly to do and pricey if I mess it up. Plus I quite like the older feel of the original LCD, but would be nice to improve it.



Plus, I don't know if its just me, but my GG on new industrial Duracell's gets a good 5-6 hours of play. I recon it would out last the GF's Nintendo DSi with a brand new battery, I swear that only lasts 4-5 hours at best.

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If you got over $100 in your pocket and can do solder work or know a friend who can do it, consider McWill LCD mod with VGA option. VGA can be fed to many modern LCD TV as they have VGA port. Or you could pick up a VGA to component, DVI, HDMI, or composhite converter on the cheap.

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