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For Sale: Misc systems and games (lots of Intellivision and NES)


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This list is evolving. Decided to go ahead and get this out here before I come up with prices. If you are interested I am happy to provide pictures. Feel free to throw out offers. I will go back and add prices and more details as time allows. Prices are flexible and I'm more flexible if you want a few things at once. I'm not looking to trade at the moment as I am moving soon. I will provide pictures of anything you are interested in.
* is pending sale
Atari 2600 Worship the Woodgrain CD set
SNES SFII Professor
PLaystation 1 CIB and modded
GBA Flash 2 Advance


Gameboy Advance 100 in 1 cart with box
2 5 Key Beatmania controllers for PSX
2 Gamecube Donkey Konga controllers CIB
Russian Famiclone CIB - can't verify it works because I don't have the proper power adapters
Dreamcast system - CIB or loose, I have a few of them
Dreamcast 3rd part Samba De Amigo Maraca contoller CIB

Sega Mega Mouse with mousepad (for Genesis)

Super Nintendo Power Supply

Intellivoice (boxed and loose)


Empty game cases:

Gamecube x5

Playstation 2 x8

Xbox 360 x2


SNES orphan manual only:

Disney's Aladdin

MLBPA Baseball

Super Mario All Stars

Super Mario World

Super Punchout

Tecmo Super Bowl

Tetris & Dr. Mario



Random loose carts:

Game Gear The Major Pro Baseball

PC Games:
Armed & Dangerous w/ both inserts & manual
Lemmings Revolution with manual
High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 with both inserts and manual
Myst with both inserts
Serious Sam: Second Encounter w/ both inserts & manual
You Don't Know Jack w/ both inserts & manual
Dirt Track Racing (no rear case insert)
Star Wars X-Wing vs Tie Fighter w/ both inserts & manual
Star Wars X-Wing Alliance with both inserts, manual and reference card
Star Wars Force Commander with both inserts, manual and reference card
Star Wars Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith w/ both inserts & manual
Homeworld with both inserts
John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles PC with both inserts and manual
Painkiller with both inserts and manual
Return to Castle Wolfenstein with both inserts and manual
Unreal with both inserts and manual
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine with both inserts and manual
Intellivision games (instructions and overlays included unless noted, no boxes?
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Armor Battle x2
Astrosmash x2
Backgammon no book or overlays
Backgammon no overlays
Boxing x2
Demon Attack
Donkey Kong
Football white label

Horse Racing 1 overlay x2

Las Vegas Blackjack & Poker x4
Major League Baseball
NASL Soccer
NFL Football
NHL Hockey
NHL Hockey white label no book 1 overlay

PBA Bowling



Royal Dealer
Royal Dealer No Book
Royal Dealer white label 1 overlay
Space Armada
Space Battle x3
Space Hawk White label
Star Strike
Sub Hunt
Tennis 1 overlay
Tennis no overlays


Intellivision games loose:
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons white label
Armor Battle
Armor Battle white label
Auto Racing
Auto Racing white label
MLB Baseball
Basketball white label
NBA Basketball
Beauty & the Beast
Blockade Runner
Bowling white label
Bump N Jump white label
Burgertime white label
Demon Attack
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Dreadnaught Factor x2
D&D Treasure of Tarmin
NFL Football
Football white Label
Frog Bog
He man no label
He man
Horse racing
Horse racing White label
Ice Trek
Koo Aid man
Las Vegas Blackjack & Poker
Las Vegas BJ & Poker no label
Poker white label
Lock N Chase
Mission X
Mission X white label
Mouse Trap
Night Stalker
Night Stalker white label
Royal Dealer white label
Sea battle
Sea Battle white label
Sharp Shot white label
Star Strike
Star Strike white label
Space Armada
Space Armada white label
Sub Hunt
Sub Hunt white label
Swords & Serpents
Super Pro Football
Triple Action
Triple Action white label
Tropical Trouble
Thunder Castle
Tower of Doom
Tron Deadly Discs
Tron Deadly Discs white label
World Championship Baseball
NES games (all loose):
10 Yard Fight 4
Abadox 7
Adventures in the Magic kingdom 7
Air Fortress 4
Airwolf 4
Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing 4
All Pro Basketball 6
Arch Rivals 4
Archon 7
Bad Street Brawler 7
Bandai Golf 3

Burai Fighter 10

Baseball 3
Bases Loaded 3
Bases Loaded 2 3
Batletoads 21

Bubble Bobble 18

Cabal 8
Captain Skyhawk 3
Casino Kid 3
Castlevania 15
Castlevania 2 12
Castlevania 3 25

Crystalis 15

Cybernoid 3
Dash Galaxy 3
Deadly Towers 3
Defender II 4
Donkey Kong Classics 15
Double Dribble 3
Dr Mario 5

Duck Hunt 3

Duck Tales 12
Dynowarz 3

Faxanadu 4

Fester's Quest 3
Fighting Golf 3
Final Fantasy 17
Frankenstein: The Monster returns 50
Friday the 13th 4
Ghostbusters 6

Goal! 3

Golgo 13 3

Goonies II 3
Gotcha! 3
Gradius 6
Guardian Legend 8

Gyromite 5

Heavy Shreddin 3
Hogan's Alley 5
Hook 6
Hoops 3
Hydlide 3
Ice Hockey 3
Ikari Warriors 4
Ikari Warriors II 5
Iron Sword 3
Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road 4
Jack Nicklaus Golf 3
Jackal 6
Jaws 3
John Elway's Quarterback 3
Jordan vs Bird 3
Joust 5
Karate Champ 3

King's Knight 5

Kings of the Beach 3

Knight Rider 3

Kung Fu 4
Kung Fu Heroes 3
Last Starfighter 5
Legacy Wizard 3
Life Force 7
Little Mermaid 7
Loops 3
Low G Man 4
Mach Rider 4
MAD Spy vs SPy 9
Mafat Conspiracy 4

Major League Baseball 2

Metal Gear 6

Metroid 12
Mickey Mousecapade 5
Mike Tyson's Punch Out 15

Mission Impossible 5

Ninja Gaiden 12
Operation Wolf 5
Paperboy 15
Peter Pan & Pirates 8
Pinball 7
Pinbot 3
Predator 10
Pro Wrestling 7
Racket Attack 5

Raid on Bungeling Bay 9

Rambo 6
RBI Baseball 9
RBI Baseball 3 9
RC Pro Am 7
Renegade 6
River City Ransom 40
Roadblasters 5
Robocop 6
Robowarrior 6
Roger Rabbit 9
Rollerball 6
Rygar 8
Section Z 7
Shinobi 13
Silent Service 4
Simpsons Bart vs World 9
Skate or Die 5
Sky Shark 6
Slalom 6
Snake rattle & Roll 8
Snake's Revenge 10

Spelunker 12

Spy Hunter 7
Star Soldier 6
Star Trek 12
Star Tropics 9
Star Voyager 5
Stealth 5
Strider 8
Super COntra 18
Super Glove Ball 5
Super Mario Bros 10
Super Mario Bros 2 19
Super Mario/Duck Hunt/World Track 5
Super MArio Bros/Duck Hunt 5
Superspike Vball 6
Superspike Vball/Nintendo World Cup 7
Super Mario Bros 3 15
Super Sprint 6
T&C Surf Design 5
Taboo the Sixth Sense 5
Tag Team Wrestling 4
Tecmo World Wrestling 5
Tecmo Bowl 12
Tecmo Super Bowl 18
terra Cresta 30
Tetris 6
Tiger Heli 5
Tiny Toon 12
Tiny Toon 2 12
To the Earth 3
Top Gun 5
Total Recall 4
Totally Rad 15
Touchdown Fever 12
Track N Field 2 7
Treasure Master 8
Trojan 6
Ultima Exodus 7
Urban Champion 9
Videomation 6
Vindicators 7
Wall Street kid 7
Wild Gunman 20
Wizards & Warriors 6
World Games 4
Wrath of the Black Mantra 6
Wrestle Mania 6
Xevious 6
Yoshi 10
Zelda 25
Zelda 2 15
Zoda's Revenge 10
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I made a purchase and all went smooth in case any of you were holding back for someone else to be the first trader lol. I generally hesitate myself but I looked over his profile and decided it was worth a shot. So now if anyone else wants to try and make a deal he followed through on my deal and the prices were good.

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