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Sold: AV Modded 7800 Starter Kit


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I got this 7800 Cleaned it and AV modded it, selling it as a starter kit


What Has been done:

  • Composite AV mod using standard RCA hookups
  • Replaced the 4 tactile switches
  • Changed the power input from the proprietary supply to a standard DC jack
  • Added reverse polarity protection
  • Modded cart guide to accept 3rd party games
  • Cleaned the case inside and out
  • Cleaned the cart slot, and joystick ports with contact cleaned

What you Get:

  • 7800 console that is very clean, metal banding is in good condition, there are 3 very light dents, but otherwise "like new"
  • Aftermarket power supply
  • AV Cable
  • 3 Atari 2600 Games (Defender, Freeway, Space Invaders)
  • 3 Atari 7800 Games (Choplifter, Pole Position II, Food Fight)
  • and a Arcade style controller

What I am asking:

  • 140$ Shipped, USA and Paypal only Please


Thanks For Looking!








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its a bud industries cu-3283


it could be a shade bit wider but its small enough if you got average man hands you can still hold onto it


edit: oh and thanks for your kind words :)


edit edit:


I didnt intend to make a controller for this, it actually came with a controller and a few games (got a trashed extra copy of pole position 2 and 3 space invaders now) but it was shipped in tissue paper and a battle zone cart along with the controller got smashed into a bunch of brittle pieces


so ok I broke out the PVC primer, which is like mostly acetone and MEK and welded it all back together but the controller was just crappy in appearance and feel so I robbed my mame icade setup and grabbed the one box I had on hand

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