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6-Switch Questions

Hank Rearden

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I acquired a 6 switch Sears unit on Craigslist the other day. The guy said it didn't work but I turned it on and it fired right up. All I did was a quick alcohol swipe of the cartridge slot. ;-)


It was pretty gross like it was sitting in a garage and there were bugs in the case, etc. I took it all apart to clean it up and found the attached stickers loose inside the metal shielding. It looks like they were stuck on the underside of the board for the palette and sound adjustments. Does that sound right? I am keeping this one as is, with just a few touch ups cosmetically.


And how do I tell if it's the better version of the 6ers?





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That looks like a later L6'er with the channel 2-3 switch. Most of those were assembled in Asia. Occasionally, some bad solder joints on the controller ports or bad buffer IC. Overall, good choice.

Do those stickers look like they were in there originally?


So far I'm very happy with it.

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Do those stickers look like they were in there originally?


So far I'm very happy with it.


Yes. I've seen them before, but not often.


BTW: My first ever (and still have) 2600 was a Sears L6er. I can attest to 30 straight years of good performance.

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