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So anyway, now that Aaron the Aant is done, I have decided to start a whole new Odyssey 2 game. This one is based on the Crazy Taxi premise. It's called "Cabman." You take the little Odyssey 2 men where they want to go and avoid the big huge monsters roaming around. You'd think everyone would be screaming in terror, but you seem like the only one who actually cares about the Godzilla-like creatures roaming around. I think I want to make a 4k game. I think this idea would be the perfect candidate for it. (You have to bankswitch when programming a 4k or larger Odyssey 2 game.) The title screen is almost done. I fit the song I made months earlier in along with a cloud floating by. I need to adjust the color pattern so it doesn't look too much like Aaron the Aant. The snow came and went. We got about 2.5 inches here, but it quickly melted away. It's odd that it would stick because I don't think it went below freezing here. What's even more odd is they closed the schools for the day. For the 6th time this winter. I guess they didn't watch the part of the news where the weather people said it was going to quickly melt away. I went to bed at 10am. I got my new quilt and sheet and pillowcase I bought Sunday and slept for about 12 hours.

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