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SIO2SD Compatible Conversions Of Cartridge Games?

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Out of curiosity I was wondering if anyone anyone has ever put together a library of .xex or .com conversions of the .rom files for cartridge based games on the A8 line for use with SIO2SD devices? I understand that cartridge games are meant to be played via the cartridge port since that's where the hardware designed to run the cartridge roms is connected to, but knowing that most Atari 5200 cartridges have been converted to .com files to play on a disk or SIO2SD got me wondering if the same has ever been done for A8 cartridges.

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(you can use the translate feature of chrome to peruse the page)


all in one file for games is here



There's tons of XEX already divided, it's Polish but easy enough to work with.

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Lot of games shipped on simple 8KB - 32KB cartridges were converted to file versions in early times.

The greatest challenge were games shipped bank-switched cartridges (with total of 128KB or more ROM memory). Fandal converted a great deal of them and created nice file versions. File versions of these games require either 130 XE or even more extended memory (some of them up to 320 KB, depending on the size of the cartridge). One of these examples is Tower Toppler.

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