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What Switch accessories are you getting?

Rick Dangerous

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I can't ever seem to lay those down correctly so I gave up on it. There's always a bubble, dust, or slightly off enough on the molding to be an issue. I'd rather drive somewhere and have someone else put glass on there at this rate after that crappy clear plastic protector failed both times I got a month ago.


That's why I got that dock sleeve with the embroidered Zelda hylian shield on it. It was a couple bucks more but has this soft material instead of the usual joann fabrics tshirt garbage the rest of ebay/etsy seems to post and I haven't had a smudge or scuff since.

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I think I may have solved my bag issue- I found this one trolling around amazon the other day:




This is exactly what I was looking for in terms of what it holds- Switch, joycon grip, a few games, and a little bit of space for a couple other things. Not likely to be hauling around an AC adapter, but I imagine that slot would easily convert to holding a small portable battery, the strap attachments, etc. Plus, it has a removeable shoulder strap, letting me either throw the thing into a larger bag or wear it as a bag on its own.


Main concerns: I don't know if it'll accommodate the hori stand- it's got a zippered pocket on the front, but I don't know how much more space that provides. Plus, it's clearly a 'soft' bag instead of a hard one, so if it's too skinny those accessories may be pressing on the switch screen. It'd also be nice if it had a review or two, so I could hear from folks about the quality of construction & the thickness of the padding. The other products they offer have good reviews though, so if nothing else, it'll make a good 'starter' case to move around a Switch- even if I'm just moving it to the purse department to find something else to keep it in.

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Your image isn't working but I think it's that $9.99 (currently) one on amazon where you get a few tools and 2 .3mm sheets of glass isn't it?


I've been waffling on that myself, probably should, but after the cheapo one I was gifted went sour with dust bubbles it pushed me off trying again so I went with that soft dock sleeve this one individual was selling with an embroidered Hylian shield on it instead (unlike the other weak t-shirt material ones up there on ebay/etsy.)

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I've ordered some of these. Two for $10 on eBay.


Cool! Way better than trying to hold those little things with big American hands..


I hate screen protectors. They always look bad and feel worse, and there seems to be some concern that they could act up when the tablet gets hot in the dock. I'm careful with my stuff and will take my chances instead.


The glass one, with no bubbles, has been a welcome addition. The plastic screen on the switch will scratch rapidly without protection.

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You know Flojo probably has the better thoughts with it. The dock and heat, anything that could add to the warmth of it or to where a condition that could cause more stress isn't that good.


Anyway it's a known that Nintendo internally will sell replacement lens kits for their handhelds, have for a long time. You get an OEM new piece of plastic and then this red plastic loop with a killer sticker on the other end of it. You peel the cover off, mash that on the lens that's coming off, and it won't come off...you just pull and pull and it will break away and you then lay down the new. I've done it before on a GBA, worked like a charm. I wouldn't put it beyond them to do that with the Switch.

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