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Me opening my Atari on Christmas of 1980 !


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I am writing this during a difficult time as my family and I had to lay my mom to rest yesterday . But I am glad she doesn't have anymore pain and suffering . Hardest day of my life .


I believe this photo is from 1980 or 1981 . My dad bought this Atari from a neighbor's friend so it was used but hardly played . As my family and old friends went through old photos for the funeral I came across this one and was quite surprised and happy as I had no clue this photo even existed . I remember seeing a video of someone as a kid opening their console for Christmas and wished I had a photo or video . So I was in shock when finding this photo and now I do have a childhood photo ! That is me on the left with my brother , dog , and one of my sisters .


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I'm very sorry to hear about your mom. But so glad that you found the picture - what a treasure!


And so... much... shag... carpet! :D


Super detrimental to Intellivision's and Astrocade's. The VCS ate shag carpet for breakfast as we continued to play all through the day and all through the night! :lol:

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Here is a nice color-corrected, photoshopped version.

I hope you like...


Awesome iesposta ! Thanks for the kind words guys . It absolutely is a treasure to find this especially considering I did not even remember this photo was taken . I will cherish this photo forever . RIP Mom and Whiskers !

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Sorry to hear about your mother. I have a similar story. Three happy kids, I being one of them, got to share a new 2600 on a Chiristmas 1980's too. I tried to sell it about 20 years ago. My Dad drove 60 miles, half distance from where I live, to buy it back from me. I got it back when he passed four year ago. I still call it "Dad's Atari" to honor that memory. I consider it a family heirloom now. It's a four switch woody 2600 with a recent AV mod from electronicsentimentalities.com.

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