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WTB: working Atari 7800 (NTSC) w/power supply


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I guess the title says it all. Yeah, I have a working Atari 7800, but I'm really thinking I should have a backup. (Or a second one that I can just toss in the car for video game shows etc. without having to disconnect my current one)

So...if you have a working 7800 to sell, please let me know.

- Works (duh!)
- Reasonable price (double-duh!)
- Working power supply included
- Must not reek of tobacco smoke

Nice But Not Necessary:
- Either with the expansion port intact or one of the last units out of the factory and didn't have even a cut-out for an expansion port

Awesome But By All Means Not Necessary:
- A/V modded with RCA ports

Not Necessary At All:
- Controllers
- Games

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