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Geeksters in Mansfield, Ohio


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Does anyone here know how many and what games Geeksters has set up for play in their arcade? I am pondering going there this weekend, but haven't really found any lists as to what they have, though they get very good ratings. They map out at 1 hour, 21 minutes from me, which is a good bit closer than the Pinball Hall of Fame is and I know part of that route already. Also, there are more things for me to look at where Geeksters is at compared to Pinball, which is in a plaza that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Anyways, I want to see if Geeksters might be a good alternative to get my classic arcade buzz at!

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Geekster's has a large and varied collection from 80s, 90s, driving, all types of games.


If you're in proximity to North Ridgeville, John Salter's Full Blast arcade is great as well. Depending on what is closer.


John has Tron, Disks of Tron, Journey, a whole lot of harder to find classics, and modern games as well like MK1, 2, UMK3, Killer Instinct, etc.

Not trying to sound biased but I've been to John's a few times, so better remember what's all there.

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The list of games that they have changes often as they add new games. Currently they have


Cruisin World Deluxe,

18 Wheeler

Harley Davidson and the LA Riders

Nascar the Arcade

Top Skater

Alpine Racer

Tekken Tag

Ninja Gaiden


Killer Instinct

Street Fighter II

Tekken 2

Mortal Kombat II

Ivan Stewarts Off Road with Track Pack

Title Fight

Royal Rumble

NFL Blitz 2000 Gold

TMNT 4 Player Dedicated

Simpsons 4 Player Dedicated

The Avengers 4 Player

Knights of the Round Capcom

Golden Axe

Maximum Force

Beast BUsters

Lethal Enforcers II

Deer Hunter USA

Virtua Cop

Air Hockey

2 Ice Ball Skee Ball

Hoop Fevers



Classics they have


Track and Field 4 Player

Paper Boy




Ms Pac Man

Super Pac Man

Pac Man (with a Super Pac Marquee)

Space Invaders Delux

Super Mario Bros

Donkey Kong


Williams Triple Action Pinball


They cycle in Leland Quarter Back, Martial Champions, Pitt Fighter and Super Monico GP as well as some others that are being brought back to life to add.


They have some Games that take quarters in a different area. They are

Fast and Furious

Pump it Up X2

Walking Dead Pinball (Stern)

Ghost Busters Pinball (Stern)

and Guitar Hero the Arcade.


They have vintage console stations too including a Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Original NES, and a Sega.

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