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2600 Checkers?


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Hi everyone, I'm a member of this site and yet it's been since never since I

posted. I'm usually working out of town a lot, traveling the country working

for several large oil company. I've been a Atari fan since my childhood, I even

use to play it over the NES. But, I'm getting ahead of myself, recently I

went to a Salvation Army in the area, since it was to cold to work, and

they gave us the day off. I'm currently working in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

I paid two dollars for it out of a less than five dollar bin, usually filled with a

selection of of CD Rom games. The cart has no label and I took a pic of

the title screen, I'm running it on a Vader and just have my tablet with me.

But I am returning home in twelve days, I'll upload more in the future and

a video of the gameplay. Though the cart does have an issue of not working

half the time. I'm not looking for any attention or an argument,

I know some forums get hectic when someone says they found something

unknown to said community. I'm hitting the sack now, got a big day ahead

of me tomorrow, have a goodnight.


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Assuming this is all real, as it's not April 1st yet. Too much text on screen to be an older first gen game. It looks 1982 / 1983 -ish. Can't begin to guess the company either, as both Atari & Activision had already made Checkers games. So who? Imagic? Parker Brothers? M Network?


How about a picture of this label-less cartridge?

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As someone on Reddit pointed out, it's more than twice the resolution of the Atari 2600 (400x450 vs 160x192). It's also a pixel perfect screenshot which would require dumping the ROM (clearly not a photo taken with a tablet). Seems fake to me. If it is somehow real, it's probably just a homebrew that somebody was working on, but I don't think it's remotely possible to double the 2600's horizontal resolution.


It's funny how these fake discovery threads have come up so many times over the years.


edit: Also, OP's only previous posts are a thread asking how to acquire reproduction cartridges

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Well this might be fake, but I really did find Swordquest Airworld at long last.

I've been fixing up my house the past year so I haven't gotten around to posting the screenshot as proof.

The master bathroom remodel should be done shortly so I should be able to post something soon. Maybe in about 2 and a half weeks.

I'll start my own thread since I wouldn't want to be associated with an obvious fraud.

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