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What were the first games to have an end credits sequence?


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I was playing the Original Legend of Zelda the other day and as I was watching the credits roll, I wondered what was the first game to have in game credits that mentioned who worked either directly with the game or had been indirectly involved. This game came out in 1986 originally for the FDS and it has to be one of the first right? I mean not even the original Super Mario Bros had a credits sequence..


So are there any games older that have a specified end credits upon completion?



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Intellivision Super Pro Football and Tower of Doom both from 1986 have scrolling credits at the beginning of the game. At first Mattel and Atari forbid programmers putting their names in the game. Some early Intellivision programmers did so through controller kludges. The first might be Adventure for the Atari 2600 in 1979 but its hard to find the in-game credit.

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Zunou Senkan Galg, a Famicom game from December 1985, has scrolling end credits -- or at least one screen of end credits that scroll onto the screen (if that makes sense).


EDIT: The arcade game Tower of Druaga has a credits screen at the end, and was released in June 1984 if my source is correct.

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I feel like so few console games actually had endings until the NES came along -- besides the 2'16" of Combat or the missions of Space Shuttle, anyway.


The TV-saving color cycling of the Atari VCS was always interesting to me. I say the first end-game credits came when you solved Superman, and they said, "this game was brought to you by the colors puce, violet, and burnt umber."

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Makes sense the computer games got ending credit first. Tapes and disks were cheap back then compared to ROM chip. Early console games didn't have much room without costing an extra $10 to display a few names. Not that it mattered, most of the early games were done by one person.


We all do know Adventure for 2600 is the first official game with creator's name included that can be seen in-game.

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